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Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler S06E08 Mini-Review
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Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler S06E08 Mini-Review

Doctor Who’s sixth season returns with the franchise’s craziest title yet, and more River Song than you could possibly image. Spoilers!

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After waiting nearly three months since the startling episode “A Good Man Goes to War”, the second-half of Doctor Who’s sixth season returns with its most outlandish title yet: Let’s Kill Hitler. While it doesn’t pick up exactly where the first half’s cliffhanger admission ended, it does give us a lot more River Song (aka. Melody Pond) than we could’ve asked for.

Without giving too much away, we learn some more about River Song’s past, present, and future. While the Doctor, Amy, and Rory try to wrap their minds around all of that, a chance encounter with Amy and Rory’s childhood friend, Mels, leads the group back to 1938 Berlin on a whim to ‘kill Hitler’. Of course, our time-traveling troupe will also have to deal with the group of micro-sized humans also trying to take out Germany’s most infamous villain by way of a human-sized robot they’re piloting (inside) called the Teselecta.

Also not helping in the ‘first’ appearance of longtime series favorite River Song, who’s very presence signals that we’re in for a long and bumpy ride that’s guaranteed to last several more episodes at least. Now it’s up to the Doctor to restore things back to normal, all while being poisoned and on the brink of death. And with his cool top hat and Sonic cane, it’s nothing he can’t handle, right?

I enjoyed the episode mainly because it’s always fun seeing the Doctor and the gang going on more adventures, though I’m pretty sure that even hardcore fans might feel a bit flustered and possibly confused at times, as there’s one too many unexplained and strange things they threw in just for the heck of being in there. Such as the micro-sized time traveling folks that belong to the same Time Agency that Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood hails from. Why are they here all of a sudden?

Then there’s the stuff that’s revealed about River Song, like how her timeline is so crisscrossed that her childhood takes place alongside her parents, Amy’s and Rory. While some will be able to piece together most of the clues, others will most likely become frustrated at how the pace of the show is thrown off some as it tries to juggle too many things at once. Still, I thought the tentacle-armed security robots, complete with the most polite ‘threats’ I’ve ever heard, were hilarious and by far my favorite part of the entire episode. “You may experience a tingling sensation as your life is extinguished.”

In the end, it’s really tough to sum up the utter strangeness of Let’s Kill Hitler, as there’s so much going on, you’ll be hard pressed to make heads or tails of it. While I still enjoyed it for the most part, others might think twice about the scattered pacing and hate it outright. Hopefully next week’s “Night Terrors” should return things to normal (or as normal as things can get in this crazy universe) as the Doctor helps a little boy being haunted by creepy dolls. Should be a walk in the park for the gang after dealing with monsters like the Weeping Angels.

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