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Doctor Who: Closing Time S06E12 Mini-Review
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Doctor Who: Closing Time S06E12 Mini-Review

Doctor Who’s penultimate episode for season six brings laughs, chills, and a baby named Stormageddon. Are you ready for the end?

Writer Gareth Roberts follows up last season’s humorous “The Lodger” with a fantastic sequel that not only mixes comedy, friendship, and Cybermen, but also serves as Season Six’s penultimate Who. After experiencing one of the best seasons of the long-running science-fiction/fantasy show, splintered showing and all, one of the Doctor’s most fearsome foes returns in Closing Time. It’s a real treat for fans, and serves as a perfect tie-in for the hugely-anticipated season finale.

After last week’s climatic and emotionally charged “The God Complex“, the Doctor now finds himself alone and slightly bummed out knowing he has an upcoming death appointment to keep. So he decides to get away and check in on his old friend Craig (James Corden), who now lives in a new flat, is married, and has a baby son. It isn’t long before lights start flickering and the Doctor knows something is wrong, but tries to fight off the temptation of looking into it. Of course, with some encouragement from Craig, he investigates while working at a department store where the source of the trouble is. What starts off as more lights flickering and folks disappearing from the store, leads the Doctor and Craig into an ancient Cybermen ship that’s been stuck underground for centuries, with its passengers starting to reactivate – and recruit. Can the Doctor and Craig with baby in tow save the day?

The adventures and emotions just keep coming in these last few episodes, as this one has a lot of funny moments with some deep parts as well. I enjoyed how the Doctor was excited at working in the toy department while showing off toys to children one moment, and later went through his depression stage while questioning himself and his abilities. But good old James Corden as Craig was there to encourage him and remind him of the hero that he is. It was also pretty cool how the Doctor can understand what Craig’s baby was saying (he speaks baby), which leads to some pretty funny moments. Such as the baby telling the Doctor he prefers the name ‘Stormageddon’ instead of Alfie.

Closing Time was a fun treat for Doctor Who fans still recovering from the recent spate of emotionally-charged epsidoes, and a great experience that none should miss. It also makes for the perfect tie-in for next week’s season finale, as the last five minutes answer a lot of questions while leading us back to the season opener. I’m sure I speak for every Who fan out there when I say I can’t wait to see how “The Wedding of River Song” turns out, as the Doctor and River will finally have their date with destiny. Let’s just hope there’s not a funeral after the wedding.

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