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Chuggington: Icy Escapades (DVD)
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Chuggington: Icy Escapades (DVD)

Great characters, stories and valuable lessons make this budget-friendly DVD an ideal sampler of just how great BBC’s production really is.

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BBC’s Chuggington has proven to be one of the channel’s best animated children’s shows in quite some time, even going on to making books, toys and more based off the series. Anchor Bay has collected some of the episodes featuring winter-like aspects for this great DVD collection just in time for the holidays in Chuggington: Icy Escapades. The six episodes collected here focus on some of the talking trains called chuggers such as Wilson, the fire red leader train of sorts, Brewster the strong blue and yellow train, Koko the friendly green and purple bullet train and more. The gang gets into all kinds of adventures in the land of Chuggington as they have fun helping one another to get certain tasks done.

Everything just seems to come together in the right way that makes Chugginton such a joy to watch. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen an enjoyable show designed for children that teaches wholesome lessons such as being honest, paying attention and more that doesn’t insult their intelligence or speak down to them. It also features characters that are easy to relate to and are realistic about most of the things that happen in the show (well as realistic as talking trains go, anyway).

Such as in the first episode titled “Chilly Chuggers”, where there’s a severe weather warning in effect and it’s up to the chuggers to help get the tracks sprayed with anti-ice fluid. But after one of them accidentally uses water instead of the spray, it’s up to all of them to work together to save the day. In “Wilson’s Icy Escapade” more teamwork is needed by the gang to place sand on the tracks when some icy weather arrives in Chugginton. But when the steam engines of the group find out their water is frozen and are unable to help out, it’s up to Wilson to step up and find a way to get things done. There’s plenty more excitement in some of the other episodes, such as one where Wilson gets to be roving reporter for the local news, another where repairs both big and small are needed throughout the town and all of the team has to work to get them done and more.

For a DVD release the picture quality and audio are pretty well done here, as the 480p widescreen presentation makes sure the visuals come in nice and clear, while the Dolby 2.0 sound makes sure every fun piece of dialogue and fitting sound effects are heard perfectly. While it would have been nice to see the show presented in full high-definition (i.e. Blu-ray), this being something of a budget-minded collection makes a standard-definition release acceptable as a great sampler of what the show has to offer.

Chuggington: Icy Escapades is wholesome treat for the family that teaches children about teamwork, friendship and working together to accomplish difficult tasks. Featuring great characters, stories and valuable lessons focusing on teamwork, this budget-friendly DVD mini-collection six snowy-centered episodes makes an ideal sampler of just how great BBC’s production really is. It’s a rare thing when a show designed for children not only shows them respect, but can also grab their parent’s attention (or even those young at heart – myself included). If you’re looking for something that’s fun for anyone to enjoy, hop a train on down to your local store and grab a copy today. You’ll “absol-tootly” want to add this to your collection!

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