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Brave: Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray)
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Brave: Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray)

Pixar’s animated fairytale features breathtaking visuals, beautiful music, and plenty of heart and excitement make this a near-perfect Blu-ray the whole family can enjoy.

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I always enjoy watching Disney/Pixar releases, as they’re just some of the best animated films ever made. And after the decent, but flawed Cars 2, it’s good to see their magic is back in full swing in the animated fairytale Brave. Featuring a strong female lead, wonderful characters along with beautiful artwork and animation made even better in 3D, this is a must have Blu-ray set you’ll want to place in your quiver for the holidays.

Fellow reviewer Chris Pandolfi loved the movie as well, as evidenced by the snippet below, and for those wanting to read his full review on the theatrical experience of the movie, you can do so HERE:

“After taking a slight misstep last summer with the amusing but superficial Cars 2, the creative teams at Disney/Pixar have thoroughly redeemed themselves. Brave is an absolute joy – a seamless blend of spectacular animation, intelligent writing, and tremendous heart and imagination. Although its status as a 3D computer animated film modernizes it from a technical standpoint, its values are firmly rooted in the glory days of traditional cel animation, in which it was believed that adults and children should experience it together. Here is a story that doesn’t mindlessly pander to younger audiences; it bothers to tell a story and develop the characters in such a way that parents will also feel engaged. It’s funny without being condescending, frightening without being nightmarish, and touching without being sappy. It’s a perfect emotional balancing act. It’s also terrific entertainment.”

As with most of their releases, watching Disney/Pixar’s Brave was a magical experience that words have a hard time describing. It was nice to have a strong female lead character that viewers can really get behind and believe in, especially one that isn’t brought down by unhealthy stereotypes. Complementing her is a wonderful cast of characters such as her parents, three mischievous brothers, a witch and her talking bird that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. I also loved the Scottish setting and lovely artwork and backgrounds that really bring the magic and legends of Scotland to life.

And to top it all off, seeing all of this on Blu-ray and in 3D at that is truly a treat in itself. No one does high-definition video transfers like Disney, and this release is no exception. Every crisp detail and color shows up flawlessly here, while the 3D adds an amazing layer of depth to an already perfect picture. It’s effects are definitely made apparent near the final moments of the film where the action really heats up while making you feel as though you’re in the middle of all the action. Speaking of being in the middle of things, the 7.1 DTS-HD audio helps add to the realism of being there by making sure every piece of dialogue, sound effect and beautiful musical score come in crystal clear from all sides.

There’s also a slew of special features here that will keep you entertained and informed long after the film has ended. There’s plenty of the usual audio commentary, deleted scenes and hours of behind the scenes featurettes and interviews, but what I enjoyed the most out of the extras were the two bonus short films here. The first is “La Luna”, which is a cute short with no dialogue that features a boy and his two relatives who can’t get along until something magical brings them together. And the other is an all-new short made for the home video release of Brave called “The Legend of Mor’du”, that gives some much welcomed insight and backstory of the main antagonist of the film.

Disney/Pixar has once again outdone themselves with Brave, as it is hands-down one of the best animated films to be released this year. That said, it’s easy to see why some may be disappointed with its more conventional fairytale setting, given how most Pixar features have avoided the genre so far. But don’t let a little thing like familiarity stop you: The visuals are breathtaking, the music beautiful, and there’s plenty of heart and excitement to watch with the whole family, as well as anyone who enjoys great animated movies are sure to love this one. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Brave today, as it hits all the marks dead center for a near perfect Blu-ray set.

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