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Zootopia (Blu-ray)
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Zootopia (Blu-ray)

A great film made even better with a high definition release the whole family will love.

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Those who caught my review of the theatrical release of this film already know that I absolutely loved it. So it was imperative that I get the Blu-ray to own and review, and here we are with Zootopia in high definition. Packed with fun, touching and moving drama, and a nice load of extras, you’ll want to add this animal of a disc to your Blu-ray zoo.

Since I already went over the story in my previous review, I’ll just get into the Blu-ray release of it. As I expected, the high definition transfer is flawless here as colors, details, and animations seem to just pop off the screen. It’s pretty awesome being able to spot every strand of fur and whisker on the characters. The audio is just as vivid, as I swear I heard things that I missed when I saw it at the theater. Overall, the visuals and sound are just as great (if not better) than experiencing this at the movies.

Then there’s the nice set of extras that complement the feature so well. I was surprised there wasn’t a feature length commentary from the directors, but the two of them serve as hosts to all of the other features. There’s one where they visit zoos and even took a trip to Africa to learn about and study different animals they used in the movie, then a few of the other extras go behind the scenes of making the film, from storyboards to voicing the characters. There’s also some neat deleted scenes and deleted characters that didn’t make the cut or were turned into something else. For example, the honey badger scientist that the mayor speaks with was originally supposed to be a villain-like character. For those who enjoyed the oddly catchy “Try Everything” song from Shakira, you’ll be happy to know the music video is included among the extras.

Those who enjoy Disney films or great movies, animated or not, are sure to love Zootopia. It was fun seeing this film push a lot of boundaries with its messages on racism, prejudices, and following your dreams. Put that together with a perfect high definition transfer and a nice set of extras, and you have a Blu-ray worth prowling in your collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell