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Z/X Code Reunion: Complete Collection
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Z/X Code Reunion: Complete Collection

A nice union of sci-fi and action that makes for a fun anime series.

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With all of the slice of life and slower paced anime I’ve reviewed lately, it’s nice to have an action packed series come along with Z/X Code Reunion: Complete Collection. It’s a show where sci-fi and action come together for a union of fun that will appeal to fans of those genres and anime lovers in general.

Some years before the series starts, there were different alien factions at war with one another that have the power to open up interdimensional gates. As fate would have it, one of those gates ended up leading to Earth where they’ve brought their war with them. After a few years of trying to work out peace among the aliens, an uneasy truce is in place with some of humanity making partnerships with some of the aliens.

Enter Azumi Kakamigahara, a young girl with a deadly disease who has little choice in making a pact with one of the aliens and their advanced medical technology, with the alternative being death. After partnering with the lovely Rigel, the two ladies are soon taken to a secret academy where humans and aliens are partnering up to fight back against an oncoming threat.

Unfortunately for Azumi, Rigel, and their classmates, they’re about to get a crash course in defending themselves and saving the universe as the enemies start their assault not long after their training starts. From here the action picks up and doesn’t miss a beat as the show becomes more exciting and interesting as you go. The nice cast of characters, while filled with anime tropes, are sure to bring a smile to your face as you’ll find yourself becoming attached to them and cheering them on in their battles.

Speaking of attached, there’s also some Yuri elements between the ladies thrown in for good measure, so fans of that will be more than happy here. As with all of their Blu-ray releases, Sentai Filmworks did a great job with the high-definition visuals and audio, as everything looks and sounds great. The special features are a little on the light side with the usual clean opening and closing titles being the only extras here.

Despite the light extras, Z/X Code Reunion: Complete Collection is still a recommended series to check out for those who enjoy sci-fi action and fun characters. With only twelve episodes to work through, it’s a short but thrilling ride that makes for a perfect union with the rest of your anime collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell