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X-Men: First Class (4K Blu-ray)
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X-Men: First Class (4K Blu-ray)

One of the best Marvel films gets the 4K treatment in a release you’ll want to get powered up for.

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I was more than pleasantly surprised when I saw X-Men: First Class some years ago, as Marvel took a beloved franchise and gave it an awesome reboot that fans and those new to the mighty mutants could enjoy. Now this modern classic has been given the 4K UHD treatment with the release of the X-Men: First Class 4K Blu-ray. Enhanced high definition visuals and audio along with some nice extras make this an “X-tra” special disc to have in your collection.

Most people have seen this movie by now, but just in case you haven’t or need a refresher, fellow reviewer Chris Pandolfi has you covered with his theatrical release review from some years ago that frees me up to discuss the film and the special features here. Back when it was released, I thought this reboot was going to be a mistake, but then after watching it I quickly learned it was one of the best Marvel films I had seen in quite some time. Everything from the characters and the drama they endure, to the action and special effects were amazing. If all the X-Men films could be like this one, I think comic book movies would be taken a lot more seriously.

Then to make things better, it’s presented in 4K UHD that highlights all of the things I mentioned earlier and really makes them shine. The enhanced visuals and audio make an already great looking (and sounding) film even better, and is sure to be a piece people use to show off their home theater setup to their friends. There’s also plenty of special features here that you’ll have to swap to the standard Blu-ray to watch, but is well worth it nonetheless. “X Marks the Spot” is a nice collection of short featurettes that delve into how certain parts of the film were made, “Cerebro: Mutant Tracker” is a fun extra that allows you to interact with the machine and pull up info and video clips of select mutants from the movie, “Composer’s Isolated Score in 5.1 Dolby Digital” is great for those who love listening to the score only and is something you’ll want to take advantage of as it’s pretty good here. The biggest extra here is the hour plus “Children of the Atom” documentary that goes into how the film came to be from pre-production, finding the cast and crew, to actually filming it and post-production. It’s really well made and will be a treat for X-Men fans and those who love seeing how films are made. Lastly there’s a few deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the film, but they show some interesting aspects to the characters and the overall story.

The X-Men: First Class 4K Blu-ray comes highly recommended, even if you’ve already seen it or have the standard Blu-ray as it’s one of those special films that you want to have the very best version of. An amazing cast and their characters, enhanced visuals and audio with some sweet bonuses throw in make this a super powered class you’ll want to attend with friends and family.

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