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I Am Wrath (Blu-ray)
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I Am Wrath (Blu-ray)

Travolta gets dark and bloody in his take on the growing revenge film genre.

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been a sucker for revenge movies and shows. I mean, who doesn’t like seeing bad guys get what’s coming to them? In the latest entry of this expanding genre thanks to films such as Taken, John Travolta delves into the fray with I Am Wrath that has just the right amount of grim action and star power to get the job done.

Travolta plays Stanley Hill, an unemployed guy with a dark past that’s trying to make a living. While meeting his wife (Rebecca De Mornay) one day, he’s hit from behind and sees her murdered in front of his eyes. After doing everything by the book and working with the law to make things right, he soon realizes the city’s criminal justice system is corrupt and not trying to help at all. Turning to his dark past as a black ops agent, he decides to take matters into his own hands with the help of an old agent buddy named Dennis (played to dark perfection by Christopher Meloni). As the two take down the scum involved, they learn the corruption goes deeper than they thought and that they might just be in over their heads.

As with any good tale of revenge, I enjoyed this film very much. It might not compare to movies such as Taken and The Equalizer, but it plays its part in the genre well. Travolta and Meloni play their characters spot on and have a fun but dark chemistry together as they bust some heads and take numbers in their quest. Watching the action unfold in high definition is a plus, but since a lot of the movie is shot in low light or next to darkness, things can be a little tough to make out at times. Still I enjoyed it, and the audio is a nice treat that comes in clean and bass-filled for those with sound systems. The only extra featured here is an audio commentary track with director Chuck Russell (yup, the guy who brought you 1994’s The Mask and 2002’s The Scorpion King) and writer/actor Paul Sloan (who just did the recent Vigilante Diaries) as they discuss making the movie, using a mix of practical and CG special effects and more.

If you love revenge films like I do, you’ll want to give I Am Wrath a try. John Travolta and Christopher Meloni give great performances as they put the smack down on baddies, and the audio commentary makes for a nice bonus despite the fact of being the only extra on the disc. With that being said, go ahead and treat yourself to this dark but fun ride and fuel the flames of wrath.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell