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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines
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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

An action-packed retelling of one of the world’s greatest superheroes.

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Ever since I saw the classic late 70s TV series of Wonder Woman as a kid, I’ve been a fan of the superheroine as she’s always trying to do the right thing, fight evil, and help others whenever she can while having a nice balance of naivete and innocence that allows her to appreciate life in a fun way. Now she returns to the animated film world in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines that places a “New 52” spin on the beloved character that fans and comic book lovers will enjoy.

The plot follows a familiar origin story as we learn how Diana aka Wonder Woman lives on the mystical island of Themyscira were only amazon women live. That all changes when an American soldier Steve Trevor crash lands there which stirs up a bit of trouble at first, but Diana decides to help him fight off the dangers that happen in the world of man and ventures off the island. Some time passes and we find Diana and Steve going up against a group of villains that conveniently call themselves Villany Inc (I wish I were joking) led by Doctor Poison with Cheetah, Giganta, and Dr. Cyber teaming to cause trouble however they can.

To make things worse, the daughter of one of Diana’s friends is mixed up with the group and calls herself Silver Swan and wants to kill Diana for reasons I dare not spoil. Needless to say, Wonder Woman will need all of her power and skill to overcome these supervillains, as well as the help of Steve and other friends to save the world and hopefully her friend’s daughter.

Since I’ve been enjoying the past few DC animated films, I went in knowing I’d have a good time with this one, and I did. There were some minor things that threw me off with the plot and even some character changes, but it was still an action-packed adventure I enjoyed. I’m so glad these newer DC films are being released in 4K with HDR, so the animation and artwork is solid, detailed, and crisp as the colors and shadows make these stand out even more. The Dolby audio is another sweet bonus and all of the heroic action booms through nicely.

There’s a few super special features to look over once the film ends, starting with “DC Showcase: Death” that’s taken from Neil Gaiman’s beloved series “The Sandman” which is a nice surprise in itself while also being a very well done short. “The Cheetah: Ferocious Archenemy” highlights Wonder Woman’s infamous nemesis, Cheetah, and how she proves time and again to be one of her most dangerous and cunning enemies, there’s also two episodes from the classic TV show Batman: The Brave and the Bold that feature Wonder Woman, and lastly DC gives us a sweet peak at their next film, Superman: Red Son that I can’t wait to see as it’s one of the greatest spins ever told on the character.

If you’re a fan of the character and/or enjoy comic book films, you’ll want to grab your lasso and rope in a copy of Wonder Woman: Bloodlines for your collection. Loaded with plenty of action, adventure, and even some nice dramatic moments, anyone is bound (by the lasso of truth of course) to have a good time with this one.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell