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Wonder Woman 1984
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Wonder Woman 1984

Has some flaws to be sure, but is still fun for fans of the iconic character.

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From seeing the classic 70s TV series starring Lynda Carter, along with the iconic superheroine being a part of the famed Super Friends cartoon show, I’ve been a fan of Wonder Woman for as long as I can remember. I loved and enjoyed the original film so much and couldn’t wait for the inevitable sequel. Then came Wonder Woman 1984, which trades in the solid pacing, writing and performances from the first movie for plot holes and pacing issues all over the place. Yet somehow it still manages to have some fun in the process, which is a wonder in itself.

In case you missed it, both Christian Stirling and Travis Seppala reviewed this one not long after its VOD debut. They weren’t impressed with the movie, and I totally understand where they’re coming from. Maybe it’s because I’m easily entertained that I was able to salvage some fun from the film, but it does come a little too far and few in between. I like how they tried to make the movie a little campy at the beginning with the mall scene, as I read a lot of people saying it reminded them of the classic Richard Donner Superman and Superman II films. While its cool at first, it kind of falls apart from there and trickles down throughout the rest of the experience.

It doesn’t help that it tries so hard to be cheesy and fun while also taking itself a bit too seriously with the darker moments that comes into play later, such as the greed for power from its villains and what it costs them. I get what they were going for, but the film struggles to mix these elements together properly and it comes off as a mess, and that’s not including the gaping plot holes and scattered pacing I won’t bother going into.

Despite all of the issues, I did find myself smiling at some moments, and even though the last act is all over the place, I’ll admit that I bought into the mushy ending which made me misty-eyed. There’s also an awesome ending credits scene that made me smile from ear to ear that I won’t dare spoil, and is most likely the only reason I’m not giving this one a Nay rating.

With all of the loud colors of the 80s being shown off here, the 4K HDR presentation makes sure they pop off the screen even more, as well as making sure the action scenes come off crisp and clean without a hitch. The Dolby audio also places you in the middle of the action as you’ll find yourself ducking from the bullet ricochets Diana blocks with her bracelets.

There’s a nice amount of special features to check out once the credits roll, starting with “The Making Of Wonder Woman 1984: Expanding The Wonder” where cast and crew discuss making the film and what they were going for while also showing off loads of behind the scenes footage and more.

“Gal And Kristen: Friends Forever” is a short but cute extra that focuses on not only the friendship between Diana and Barbara in the film, but also the real life friendship of Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig and all of the fun and silly things they were doing on set while filming. “Small But Mighty” gives viewers a closer look into the young actress Lilly Aspel, who played Diana when she was younger, “Scene Study: The Open Road” and “Scene Study: The Mall” goes behind the scenes of the car chase action segment as well as the opening mall sequence.

Some others include “Meet The Amazons” takes footage from last year’s DC Fandom 2020 show that features a virtual interview via Zoom with the director and the ladies who did the amazon stunts, “Gag Reel” is always a personal favorite extra of mine and this one is pretty funny, and one I also really liked is “Wonder Woman 1984 Retro Remix” is a remixed trailer of the movie with an 80s filter thrown on it and features the iconic Wonder Woman TV series music.

Wonder Woman 1984 has its faults to be sure, but fans of the character and those easily entertained like myself are bound to find the good parts and cling to those, despite them being far and few between. It looks and sounds great in 4K, and the cool special features make for an awesome treat when all is said and done. So go ahead and lasso a copy for your collection, and experience the wonder.

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