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Why Him? (Blu-ray)
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Why Him? (Blu-ray)

A fun if fully predictable meeting the parents romp for those who enjoy them.

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Ever since the Meet the Parents film series started back in the early 2000’s, there’s been a steady stream of movies that follow in its footsteps which feature crazy, over-the-top, and sometimes raunchy humor in which young couples get together and have to meet their parents at some point. The latest in this genre is Why Him? that features a nice cast making the best of a predictable story that’s actually pretty good and funny for those who watch.

The story focuses on Laird Mayhew (James Franco) who is Stephanie’s (Zoey Deutch) wild and crazy boyfriend that happens to be the CEO of a gaming app company. Stephanie’s father, Ned (Bryan Cranston) is the complete opposite of Laird which is calm and strict while also being a suburbanite CEO of a printing company. Things are going as well as they can until of course one day everything starts to go wrong, and this comes in the form of Ned seeing a lot more of Laird than he wants to after Mayhew exposes himself on a video call to Stephanie on Ned’s birthday. It goes without saying that Ned is not sold on his daughter being with Laird, and does whatever he can to keep the two of them from being together. From here it becomes the whole “overprotective dad going against a misunderstood young guy” routine that’s fully predictable but manages to squeeze out some fun laughs regardless.

I did have fun watching this play out, as I’m a big Bryan Cranston fan and I enjoyed the rest of the cast as well. Viewing the film in high definition was a plus as the picture and audio come through nice and clear, which helps make the gags and jokes all the better. When the family comes together, there’s a few extras you can go through, starting with audio commentary that features director John Hamburg, co-writer Ian Helfer, and editor William Kerr. Here they discuss what went into making the film, coming up with some of the gags, and talking about some fun moments on the set. “47 Minutes on the Can” is a fun bit that goes more into Ned being unable to the smart toilet with crazy results, some “Deleted Scenes” that feature nearly thirty minutes of craziness, a gag reel and other small extras round out the package.

If you’re looking for something fun to watch and don’t mind predictability, Why Him? should hit the spot. A nice cast and a fair amount of laughs from the crazy comedy featured here make for a good time on movie night.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell