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Wasteful Days of High School Girls: Complete Collection
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Wasteful Days of High School Girls: Complete Collection

A zany comedy that takes anime tropes to wild and crazy levels.

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Okay, any anime fan out there is more than used to the typical tropes of schoolgirls from the cute and ditzy one, to the stoic one, and so on. So while Wasteful Days of High School Girls: Complete Collection plays on these things, it somehow manages to take them to extreme levels that make it a comedy that needs to be seen to believe, and to understand at that.

Things kick off with Tanaka Nozomu, a young lady who just wants a boyfriend in high school. The problem with that is she attends an all-girls school, so that’s not working out so well. Her not thinking things through on a consistent basis earns her the nickname “Baka” (Japanese for stupid/fool) Tanaka. She’s also friends with girls with other typical anime personalities such as (gasp) the stoic one, and one who’s small and cute with nicknames to go along with them.

Once you’re introduced to these characters, the show takes a Seinfeld-like approach and becomes a show about nothing, yet is filled with zany comedy that plays on each girls’ trope. From Tanaka asking the girls to introduce her to guys they know which always ends up badly, to the cute one being picked on for her small….everything, and the stoic one being…well…stoic, there’s always something wacky going on in these twelve episodes.

I’ll be honest and admit I didn’t think I’d enjoy this series as much as I did, but once I got into its groove, the episodes seemed to fly by. I really like how it switches up the comedy constantly between slapstick, the infamous play-on-words that’s always good for a laugh, and of course awkward situations that are set up really well and will have you rolling your eyes one moment and rolling around with laugher the next.

The anime is also a joy to watch thanks to the high-definition Blu-ray making sure all of the crazy visual gags and zany audio come through perfectly to keep the laughs coming. There’s some light special features in the way of clean opening and closing animation, all of the episode previews which are just as crazy as the series, and original Japanese promotional videos which are a nice treat.

With everything that’s going on in the world today, we can all use a good laugh. Thankfully Sentai Filmworks has you covered with the Wasteful Days of High School Girls: Complete Collection set. These crazy girls find themselves in wacky situations that gives one funny moment after another, and is sure to have you attending their unique classes of comedy.

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