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Wakaba Girl: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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Wakaba Girl: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

A short but fun slice of life anime that will make you cherish your friends.

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After seeing quite a few slice of life anime series and movies, they can start to blend together if one isn’t careful. So while I went in thinking the Wakaba Girl: Complete Collection Blu-ray was going to be blending in with the rest I’ve seen, I’m glad to say it had some moments which stuck out in its thirteen episodes that separated it from the usual. If you enjoy watching cute girls doing cute friendship stuff, you’ll have a blast with this short but fun show.

This series starts off with the rich but lonely Wakaba Kohashi attending a new high school in Japan as her family tends to move around so much that she’s never had to chance to make any real friends. That quickly changes when a group of three girls named Mao, Nao, and Moe sitting nearby grab her attention with their talking and decide they should all be friends. From there it’s one fun adventure after another as the girls introduce Wakaba to new experiences for her such as hanging with friends after school, getting ice cream, having snowball fights, going shopping, getting a job and many other things she’s never had / get to do thanks to being rich and moving so much. In turn, Wakaba is usually placed in a situation where she ends up helping each of them out with their problems, which makes their bond grow even stronger by the series end.

This is a really fun and touching anime to check out if you love slice of life shows that focus on the power of friendship. Yes this show can be a little on the syrupy sweet side as everything is mostly sunshine and rainbows for them, but at least each episode is only seven minutes long and gets right to the point of the things, so you can spread out the sweets. Watching the sugary-laced fun in high definition was a treat as the Blu-ray makes sure the visuals and Japanese audio come through clean and clear without a hitch. There’s not much on the special feature front outside of the standard textless opening and a bonus OVA that’s included among the the episodes as number fourteen that takes place not long before the series true ending. This one has the girls working to make enough money to take a trip to the hot springs instead of taking Wakaba’s funds which she tends to offer freely throughout the series that becomes a recurring gag of the show.

Anyone who loves cute girls doing equally cute friendship stuff is sure to love the Wakaba Girl: Complete Collection as much as I did. It’s short but fun, sweet and to the point which is something I wish a lot of anime shows would be. If this sounds like a good time to you, then have a seat with the girls and prepare to go on a crazy ride through the high school life.

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