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Wabbit: Season One – Part One (DVD)
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Wabbit: Season One – Part One (DVD)

Bugs Bunny returns in a show that’s loads of slapstick fun for the young and old.

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I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about Wabbit when I learned it was replacing the very well done The Looney Tunes Show that played out like a sitcom while showcasing a mature but funny take on the franchise and its characters. But I’m glad I was sent a review copy to check out and give it a chance with the Wabbit: Season One – Part One DVD. Featuring 26, five minute episodes on two discs, this show is perfect for old school lovers of Bugs Bunny while making a new generation of fans as well.

This series features a fresh take on the classic Looney Tunes cartoons and combines the over-the-top violence and mischief of the old series while throwing in some new elements of modern cartoons. As you’ve guessed, the show centers on Bugs Bunny and the many mishaps and adventures he gets into which usually stem from people or problems that plague him. Fortunately he’s not alone as his new buddy, Squeaks the Squirrel, is always on hand to help out, and there’s also Bigfoot who tends to cause more than enough trouble for Bugs with his giant stature and child-like mindset.

With friends like those, who needs enemies right? Well apparently Bugs does, as some of the tried and true antagonists of his past are still around, such as Yosemite Sam and Wild. E. Coyote, along with some new ones such as a barbarian, a crazy leprechaun, a narcissistic baseball player and even the grim reaper who has rabbit ears just to name a few. All of these crazy elements come together perfectly to bring viewers laugh after laugh as Bugs uses every slapstick gag in the book to work his way past these jokers and any problem that gets in his way. From helping Squeaks finding his hidden acorn stash under a newly built baseball stadium, to shaking off Yosemite Sam who is always trying to steal from and bother Bugs, there’s always something surprising and funny in store for the viewers.

I enjoyed watching this show quite a bit, which makes me wish the episodes were longer than five minutes as they seem to end before they even begin. But since there’s so many to watch, you can easily binge watch a lot of them at any given time. For a DVD release, the video and audio come in great with a widescreen presentation that’s always appreciated. Since each disc runs for about two and half hours, there’s sadly little room for extras, which are nonexistent on this release. Still, the nearly five hours of this show should be more than enough to keep any viewer entertained.

Anyone who loves Bugs Bunny (and who doesn’t?) or is just looking for something funny to watch can’t go wrong with the Wabbit: Season One – Part One DVD set. A modern take on classic slapstick comedy with elements and characters that are both old and new are guaranteed to brings laughs to anyone who watches, and will make them want to add this collection to their rabbit hole.

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