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The Vision of Escaflowne: Part Two (Blu-ray)
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The Vision of Escaflowne: Part Two (Blu-ray)

The adventure continues and brings a fitting end to one of the best anime series out there.

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If you read my review for Part One, you’ll already know that I have very fond feelings for this anime that countless others who have seen it will attest to as well. So now we’ve come to the final thirteen episodes of the series in The Vision of Escaflowne: Part Two on Blu-ray. While some may be a little torn on the ending, I still believe it’s a fitting one to an epic anime that anyone and everyone should see.

Picking up where we left off from the first Blu-ray set, the Zaibach empire continues to bring chaos and death to any that stand in their way of making a perfect world. After meeting and fighting along with an honorable knight named Allen and other friends they’ve made along the way, it still ultimately falls on Van and Hitomi to put an end to the Zaibach once and for all. It will be hard as the two will have their friendship and very lives tested to the breaking point, as they’ll both have to overcome their pasts to make way for a better future and get Hitomi back home.

I so want to say more than that, but it would ruin the awesome plot twists in the series that I wouldn’t dare mess up for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Let’s just say you’ll find out certain characters have closer ties than friends or enemies, and that there’s even a famous historical figure that makes their way into this anime but loses their way to obsession. Again, it really is a show you’ll just have to take in its epicness for yourself and see how it ties everything together so well, which will have to gasping in disbelief many times as you watch.

You’ll also be gasping at watching all the battles and drama unfold in high definition. Despite showing its age at times, everything looks and sounds great for the most part. The animation is spot on and becomes incredibly detailed as the action intensifies, as does Yoko Kanno’s score that continues to bring the feels for both good and tragic things that happen throughout these last episodes. As with the first set, there’s a lack of special features or extras here, but the series itself will prove to be extra special enough for those who take the journey to Gaea.

The Vision of Escaflowne: Part Two is a great conclusion to an epic series that anime fans worth their salt and everyone who gives it a chance will enjoy. Featuring fantasy action, mechs, and a deep story filled with twists and turns, you owe it to yourself to get taken away to the world Gaea and get lost in its magic.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell