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Val x Love: Complete Collection
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Val x Love: Complete Collection

If you enjoy action with your harem anime, you’ll find plenty to love in this series.

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Good old harem shows. Love them or hate them, it seems like there’s no end to this classic staple of anime. One of the latest entries of this genre from Sentai Filmworks is Val x Love: Complete Collection, which collects Hoods Entertainment’s adaptation of Ryousuke Asakura’s manga into one convenient package. If you like fantasy action to go along with your anime cuties, then you’ll find all of that and more here.

Enter our hero, Takuma Akutsu, a rough looking guy that just wants to keep to himself and get through school. As any anime fan knows, that’s not going to happen as the king of the gods, Odin, decides to turn Takuma’s life upside down by trusting him to look after his nine, lovely valkyrie daughters. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, in order to become the powerful warriors they need to be to fight off evil, the ladies have to, how should we say it….”partake” of Takuma.

Of course this leads to all sorts of stereotypical kinky but still funny situations with Takuma and the ladies as they do whatever they can to be with him any way they can get it. Let’s just hope the sisters don’t do each other in, as well as Takuma, or else the world will be taken over by demons.

Any fan of harem anime will already know what to expect here, as the cliched antics and stereotype personalities for the ladies (you know the deal, the cute and shy one, the tsundere one who is mean but actually has heart, etc.) are all here in full force. Even though I’ve seen these type of shows so many times in my anime viewing, I still managed to have a good time with the dumb fun this show brings.

The power of high-definition Blu-ray provides great visuals and audio, which is always a plus for shows such as this. Outside of the usual clean opening and closing credits, there’s little in the special features department, but it’s not too bad considering the real treat is the crazy antics of the show itself.

Fans of harem and action anime will find plenty to love in the Val x Love: Complete Collection. Cute ladies, funny and kinky situations, along with some nice action pieces serve to make this a freaky but fun ride for mature fans out there.

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