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Jordan Peele outdoes himself with another disturbing thriller that delivers.

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I would’ve never imagined Jordan Peele, a comedian famous for pairing with Keegan-Michael Key on both Mad TV and Key & Peele, to come up with a thrilling and chilling tale like he did with Get Out. Not one to rest on his laurels, he went on to bring back The Twilight Zone on CBS Access, bring us his sophomore film Us which now makes its way to home video, and even team with Key again in Toy Story 4 of all things. Peele is on a roll for sure, as this film is a lot more creepier and deeper than his first.

In case you missed them, we have not one but two reviews on this from its theatrical run that you can check out for all of the plot details and more as I go into my take on the film and this 4K release. I enjoyed this film quite a bit just as Travis and Ethan did, as I felt it was a nice step up from Get Out. Out of the two movies Peele has done, Us is definitely the more creepy and better one, as I liked the little Easter eggs strewn throughout that touch on films that inspired him to make this (I love the VHS collection at the beginning that includes classics such as The Goonies and C.H.U.D.), as well as hints at social and political issues Peele wants viewers to think on.

It also helps that the cast is really good, from Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke playing her character’s husband, to even child actors Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex as their kids. Even Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job fame is great as a family friend and is a nice surprise addition to the cast. As if the film wasn’t chilling enough on its own, this 4K HDR release makes all of the thrills that much more intense, thanks to all of the vivid details of the visuals as well as the scary sounds and music the Dolby HD audio provides that’ll make you want to hide behind your couch.

When the credits roll, there’s a few short but sweet special features to look at, such as “The Duality of Us” where Jordan Peele talks about the premise of the film and what it means to him. “Scene Explorations” goes into the making of three key scenes from the film, and there’s a few other featurettes that go behind the scenes with the cast playing dual roles, some outtakes and deleted scenes, Lupita Nyong’o getting into character for Red, and more.

Us is a fantastic follow-up film that gives plenty of genuine chills and thrills which are made even better on the 4K HDR release. With a great cast, a clever and disturbing story, and some twists, you’ll want to join hands and tether with your family and friends for this one.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell