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Turbo FAST: Season Two (Netflix)
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Turbo FAST: Season Two (Netflix)

The second season of this DreamWorks’ series puts the comedy pedal to the metal.

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I’m probably one of the few people that actually enjoyed DreamWorks’ 2013 film, Turbo. It was a fun film about a snail that loved racing and got his wish when he became a turbo-charged speedster after a freak accident. It wasn’t long after when DreamWorks and Netflix joined forces and produced a flash-animated series based on the movie called Turbo FAST, with thirteen episodes that continued the funny pace of the film. An additional thirteen have made their way to the starting line to bring viewers Turbo FAST: Season Two that races past the first with plenty of fun and laughs.

Each episode features two, 11-minute episodes (13 making 26 in total) that rev-up some pretty insane laughs. One of the adventures that really stood out was “The Sting of Injustice” that features Kevin Conroy of Batman: The Animated Series fame who plays an insect superhero called The Stinger who is a lot like Batman, but with a crazed ego this time around. I thought it was pretty hilarious how he gets to cut loose here when he takes in Turbo as his sidekick, Shell Boy, and fight crime in their town with disastrous results.

There are plenty of other interesting episodes here, such as the two-part “Turboldly Go” where Turbo and his friends get stuck in space and have to keep things together to make it home, or “Big Baby” where he and the gang try to look after an infant, and more. I didn’t think the show could get any better, but I was glad to be proven wrong and had a good time making my way through this season. Thanks to the slick flash-animation and being presented on Netflix in high definition, everything looks and sounds crisp and clear here, making it one of the sharpest looking shows yet on the streaming service. The first season was released on DVD, but they may want to go back and bring out both on Blu-ray one day, as an HD treatment is really the way to go with this series.

I didn’t think Turbo FAST: Season Two would be more funny and intense than the first, but it’s good to see that it is. Anyone looking for a good time in 11-minute, bite-sized episodes that are big on fun won’t be disappointed here. This is a good looking, well-made series that’s sure to fill your need for speed…and laughs.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell