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Tsurune: Complete Collection
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Tsurune: Complete Collection

An interesting anime take on archery and slice-of-life that hits the target dead center.

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It’s hard to go wrong with a good sports anime, as they usually cover not only the sport and the highs and lows of it, but the same that comes with life and its many challenges. The latest one to come our way is Tsurune: Complete Collection that gives a nice change of pace with archery as its focus along with some young men doing their best in the sport and in life.

The story follows Minato Narumiya, a teen that happens to be really good at archery but gave it up due to a mishap that caused him to lose a tournament for his school some time ago. It doesn’t take long for his love of the sport to return after seeing someone practicing it, which just so happens to be Masaki Takigawa, the coach of the school archery team. After being encouraged by his friends, classmates, and even Masaki, he signs up for the team. Now the journey for Minato begins again as he and his teammates struggle with the sport and school life where they’ll have to lean on each other to make it through both.

I’m a sucker for sports/slice-of-life shows and this one hits the mark nicely (pun intended naturally). The cast of characters are ones you’ve seen before, but some anime like this one somehow make you care for them despite the fact they’re all tropes of the genre. You’ll find yourself cheering them on when they win, and feeling bad whenever they’re down, and so on which is what I love about shows such as these.

Everything looks and sounds great thanks to the high-definition release on Blu-ray, and there’s some nice extras to check out such as a bonus OVA episode, some original Japanese promotional videos for the series, and the usual clean opening and closing scenes.

If you’re like me and enjoy watching anime characters struggle through life and sports, then you can’t go wrong with the Tsurune: Complete Collection set. A great cast of characters that you’ll immediately love and cheer for, as well as plenty of emotional highs and lows that come through their daily hardships and giving it their all for the sport highlight a great series you’ll want to set your sights on.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell