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Trolls World Tour
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Trolls World Tour

Families will love the music, feels, and sweet set of extras this wild tour brings.

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Back in 2016, the first Trolls movie took the world by storm with its fun and catchy soundtrack which went on to be one the biggest of that year, and it’s emotional messages that left every viewer feeling…well…full of feels. Of course a sequel had to come about which leads us to Trolls World Tour. If you enjoyed the original film or just love catchy music and family flicks, you’ll want to come along on this tour of musical feels.

Our own Ethan Brehm had a rocking good time with this movie back when it was the first to hit homes instead of theaters due to the pandemic, which broke all sorts of streaming records and made for home vs theater controversy that we won’t get into here. Instead, be sure to check out his review for all of the plot details and more as I go into this sweet 4K UHD Blu-ray release and its equally awesome extras.

I enjoyed this as I did with the first one thanks to its cute charm and of course the catchy songs that are both happy and sad at times and bring the feels no matter what the case may be. I love watching family films where the “villain” really isn’t a bad person per se, but instead someone who thinks they’re doing the right thing but is going about it the wrong way (*cough* Kung Fu Panda 2). I know it sounds silly, but that caught my attention and kept it until the awesome ending music and credits rolled.

As if the film wasn’t colorful and cute enough, the 4K UHD transfer with HDR color makes every visual pop to vibrant life as you can see every tiny detail from the textures of the trolls muppet-like skin, to individual stands of hair, cotton, and yarn that’s used for props and backgrounds. Of course with awesome visuals comes awesome Dolby HD audio with makes sure every feel is felt and cool song is heard with crystal clarity.

After the fun film ends, you can check out the sweet special features, starting with audio commentary with directors David Smith and Walt Dohrn, along with producer Gina Shay. Here they discuss various things dealing with the production, some of the story elements, and more that’s fun to listen to during the movie. The main extra this 4K release makes clear on the front cover is the “Dance Party Mode” which when activated enables an interactive version of the film where sing-along sections can be selected with pop-up lyrics and dance instructions for those who really want to be part of the film.

Other features include “Trolls World Tourist Map” where Cloud Guy takes viewers on a fun tour of the six musical realms of the Trolls Kingdom, “Trolls World Tour Backstage” is a featurette broken into three parts featuring cast and crew interviews as well as a lot of behind the scenes stuff that’s both fun and interesting. There’s a cool animated short called “Tiny Diamond Goes Back to School”, and lastly there’s nearly 20 minutes of deleted scenes to go through which is a pretty nice treat to see what was cut from the final product.

Fans of the first film and families are sure to have a rocking and rhythmic good time with Trolls World Tour as there’s plenty of fun characters and awesome music for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Throw in some sweet extras such as the dance party mode that’s perfect for keeping viewers busy during these crazy times we’re in, and you have one of the best video releases you’ll want to go on a home tour with.

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