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Triple Threat
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Triple Threat

Some of the best martial artists around team up to bring a thrill ride action fans will love.

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Ever since I checked out some of the best martial art films out there such as Ong-bak starring Tony Jaa, and others like Merantau and The Raid starring Iko Uwais, I’ve been a fan of these stars and I’m always looking to see what they’re playing in next. Thanks to our friends at Well Go USA, we get to see some of the best martial art stars around join forces to bring us Triple Threat. If you’re a fan of action flicks, you’ll want to see what makes this threat so deadly.

Things kick off with a philanthropist billionaire named Xian (Celina Jade) that wishes to use her wealth to help the poor and drive out the crime and drug trade. This doesn’t set well with the crime bosses of course, and it’s only a matter of time before a bounty is placed on Xian’s head, which sees a small but deadly band of mercenaries led by Deveraux (Michael Jai White) and Collins (Scott Adkins) taking up the job.

Before they took this job however, they had a previous one where Long Fei (Tiger Chen) and Payu (Tony Jaa) were part of the team and thought they were on a mission to free some prisoners in Thailand. After they learn that’s not the case when Deveraux reveals he and the team are there to free Collins who is locked up with the prisoners, shoots most of the villagers, and leaves them left for dead, they eventually cross paths with Jaka (Iko Uwais), one of the villagers that lost his wife during the shooting.

Long Fei, Payu, and Jaka decide to team up and get revenge against Collins and Deveraux’s team, but Jaka takes it upon himself to play both sides by helping both Collins and his friends in order to get revenge all by himself. This leads to action-packed fight and chase scenes that keeps the excitement coming as these martial art stars square off with the fate of Xian and most of Asia in their hands.

Saying that I enjoyed this thrill ride is an understatement, as it reminded me a lot of The Expendables where some of the best action stars pool together into one mega-movie. The action and fight scenes are on point here, with no CGI effects to get in the way (always a plus in my book) of the intense moments, and things rarely slow down which is also nice. While I understand that this film is trying to please a number of different regions such as the United States, Thailand, China, etc, it can be trip trying to keep up with the numerous languages used in the movie. I thought it was kind of fun and funny to hear Tony Jaa, Tiger Chen, and Iko Uwais speaking so-so English one moment, only to turn around and speak their native languages the next.

The Blu-ray visuals and audio are great and make sure every punch, kick, gunshot, and explosion ring through loud and clear. Sadly there’s not much on the special features front, as we get an “Interview with the Cast” as they talk about working on the film, their characters, and such, while the teaser trailer and standard trailer round out the extras. It would’ve been nice to have had more, but the movie itself is special enough in its own right.

Triple Threat is exactly that, an action fueled delight starring some of the baddest martial artists around that keep the punches and kicks coming with plenty of gunfights and explosions thrown in for good measure. What it lacks in special features is more than made up for in this fun fest of a film that’s a must have for action fans.

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