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Triage X: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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Triage X: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

Those who enjoy ample fanservice with their action will want to take a dose of this series.

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Throughout the decades I’ve been watching anime, I’ve seen my fair share of some pretty wild, insane things that have left me mind blown every now and then, sometimes to comedic effect. I have to chalk up yet another experience like that thanks to Sentai Filmworks and their latest release of Triage X: Complete Collection, a crazy, action and fanservice packed anime that entertains and…well entertains some more thanks in part to being uncensored for those who like their fanservice a bit more edgy.

Collecting all ten episodes and a bonus OVA, this series follows some young and talented people who work for Black Label, an organization that houses the best and brightest doctors, nurses, and students. What most people don’t know is that they’re actually an elite team of assassins who are sent on missions to take out those deemed untouchable by the law, from politicians who have become drunk with power, to other people and groups who are tearing the world apart from the shadows. Among some of Black Label’s best are Arashi Mikami, a young man with a tragic past that wears a bulletproof motorcycle helmet, and Mikoto Kiba who also has a terrible past but strives to make the future better while also catching feelings for Arashi, but she tends to hide them under her brash demeanor. Couple them with a master swordswoman, a cute pop idol that loves to blow stuff up, a nurse that’s as deadly as she is sexy, and some uncensored fanservice, and you got a crazy but fun anime show to check out.

While the fanservice can get a bit out of hand, I did enjoy the main story of Triage X and its characters. For those who can’t get enough boobage and panty shots in their anime, you can rest easy knowing you get to see everything from triple A to triple Z here as the ladies are anatomically correct for the most part (except for their structurally unsound bosoms). Watching all of the jiggle filled action in high definition was a nice plus, as the visuals and original Japanese audio come through with no problems. When the top heavy adventure is over, you can take a look at the extras that include textless opening and closing scenes, some Japanese promotional videos for the series, as well as interviews with voice actor Kenji Akabane (Arashi) and actress Yui Kondou (Mikoto) as they discuss their thoughts and take on the series and the characters.

If you enjoy action with some racy, uncensored fanservice, Triage X: Complete Collection might be just what the sexy doctor ordered. Crazy but fun characters in a twisted way, along with loads of violent action and jiggle filled scenes make this anime a lethal dose of excitement.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell