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Toy Story 4
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Toy Story 4

An unnecessary but highly welcomed sequel that’s just as amazing as the previous films.

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In case you didn’t know already, I’m a huge animation fan and have loved Disney and Pixar since forever ago. Like most people, I was highly skeptical and a little worried when it was announced another Toy Story movie was coming after the already amazing Toy Story 3. I’m more than happy to say that Toy Story 4 continues the tradition of Pixar’s beloved film series and will have families laughing and misty-eyed as with the previous entries.

Annette Palmer loved the film as much as I did, and you can check out her review of the theatrical version as I go into my take on it and the special features of this home release. I’ll be honest and admit I went into this movie already loving it as I’m a big fan of the franchise, the perfect cast, and even the guest stars such as Keanu Reeves along with Key and Peele that just set this already amazing experience over the top for me.

I’m just so glad that this entry into the series wasn’t bad, as it could’ve easily gone sideways and turned into the one that would tarnish the films. It’s clear that Pixar is highly protective of these toy heroes and would never let that happen, as you can clearly see that a lot of love and care went into this movie. Viewers will also feel this all too often through the laughs and tears that are sure to come as the film takes you on a wild ride of fun and emotions.

The Blu-ray review copy I was sent looks and sounds amazing as Pixar’s beautiful and always amazing art and animation shines through perfectly with all its details. The audio rings in just as wonderful, as all the funny and emotional dialogue along with the sound effects and music will rock your sound setup with Dolby HD perfection.

Then there’s the special features to go over once the adventure ends, starting with audio commentary by director Josh Cooley and producer Mark Nielsen. Here the two discuss creating the movie and more as you can tell in their voices they really loved making this story come to life. “Bo Rebooted” has some of the ladies behind “Team Bo” going over how they brought this cool character back into the franchise. Annie Potts who voices the character also talks some about coming back to the role and how different it is from when she previously worked on it.

“Toy Stories” is a fun and cute piece about the cast and crew sharing their love of toys and the effect they had on them growing up. There’s also loads more on the second disc included such as “Let’s Ride With Ally Maki” where Ally Maki, the voice of Giggle McDimples, goes behind the scenes of the dialogue recording process, “Woody & Buzz” that goes into the deep relationship between the two characters, complete with Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, and others discussing it. There’s a ton of behind the scenes extras, some deleted scenes that show off a lot of cool and interesting parts that were cut, and other fun features to check out.

If you’re a fan of this film series, you’ll immediately love Toy Story 4 as it proudly continues the tradition of capturing the fun and magic of toys and how they can change lives, especially ones on a mission and are voiced to perfection by an equally perfect cast. Add in some sweet extras, namely nearly thirty minutes of deleted scenes, and you’ll have in this awesome home video release.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell