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To Love Ru Season One: Complete Collection
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To Love Ru Season One: Complete Collection

There’s plenty of voluptuous anime ladies to go around in this cliched but fun series.

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There’s no shortage of harem anime out there, where the main guy character is surrounded by loads of lovely ladies that all want to be with him in every which way possible. I do enjoy these from time to time, especially the tamer ones that focus more on comedy and innuendo without getting too crazy. Now most of the newer ones push full on nudity and other raunchy stuff but still leaves room for a little fun like in To Love Ru Season One: Complete Collection that’s just wild and funny enough to keep things interesting.

Things kick off with our teenage protagonist Rito Yuki being a humble and crazy clumsy guy that’s just trying to do good in school, look out for his little sister, and maybe one day confess his feelings to his sweet classmate Haruna. One night as he’s taking a bath, the lovely and voluptuous Princess Lala of Deviluke magically teleports down into his bathtub, with no clothing on top of that. Of course being the typical clumsy guy who also freaks out around ladies, Rito accidently gropes her and is now forced to be engaged to her.

That seems to be a good thing at first, until Rito learns he’s a target of other suitors that want Lala for themselves, Lala’s enemies, and other ladies from this world and beyond that also want a piece of the Yuki pie. Will Rito ever get to be with Haruna, or will he be forced into marriage with Lala and many other ladies? You’ll have to watch and find out, but you can bet it’ll be a wild and uncensored ride to the end.

That’s right, Sentai Filmworks brings us the series uncensored, so those who are in it for the eye candy won’t be disappointed. While at times the “scenery” can be a bit distracting and annoying when thrown in your face both literally and figuratively, I still managed to have a fun time watching Rito get into one wild and raunchy situation after another, and the characters are all anime tropes but are enjoyable nonetheless.

The high-definition visuals and audio are great, which help bring the lovely ladies to life, and there’s not much in way of special features outside the clean opening and closing animations. Anyone who wants to deep dive into some anime girls for some uncensored, out of this world laughs with want to pick up To Love Ru Season One: Complete Collection while looking to the stars for the second season to drop soon.

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