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The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special
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The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special

It’s over all too soon, but this special will have you laughing yourself to death and afterwards.

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I’m a huge Robot Chicken fan and was a big fan of The Walking Dead, but I’ll admit it has lost some of its appeal lately. Still I enjoy both shows and would’ve never thought in a million years that the two would come together like they did in The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special titledLook Who’s Walking”. Nearly all of the cast from AMC’s hit show play and poke fun at their characters here that will have viewers laughing to death and still cracking up when they’re back as the undead.

Playing out as a short anthology-like episode, things start off with the famous Robot Chicken nerd visiting a Walking Dead museum that was made after the zombie apocalypse has ended and the world is safe once again. Sadly the museum has their facts all wrong about Rick and the gang (Rick actually suggests they call themselves that in one of the skits) and it turns out that Carl is still alive as an old man that’s there to set the record straight. So as he tells the nerd what really happened, some of the zany skits begin to play out that poke fun at the infamous series, from Rick riding a unicorn instead of a regular horse in the beginning, to a “special” Glenn coming back to be with Maggie, to Carol going around telling everyone she meets to “look at the flowers” before killing them, these skits will have any fan rolling around on the floor.

As the skits continue, we’re then treated to the nerd and older Carl a few more times in between where the museum turns out to have the last known zombie in the world, which falls to Carl and the nerd to take it down before the apocalypse starts again. To say I had a good time with this is putting it mildly. Thanks to the its short length of 22 minutes, it feels as though it breezed by and ended all too soon. I was sent a DVD review copy which had decent visuals and audio, but thankfully it’s also available on Blu-ray for those looking for high definition laughs.

There’s also quite a few special features that make up for the short length of the special, such as audio commentary with Scott M. Gimple, Seth Green, Robert Kirkman, Matthew Senreich, and Tom Sheppard that’s a lot of fun, a making of the special that’s also great to watch as it’s always cool to see how the team comes up with the skits and how they get made. There’s also a few other extras included as well to keep viewers busy after the special is over.

If you enjoy both of the shows like I do, then picking up The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special is a must. While it’s over before it begins it seems, there’s plenty of zany skits here that turn the famous AMC show on its head and will have you and the undead in stitches.

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