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The Princess and the Pilot (Blu-ray)
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The Princess and the Pilot (Blu-ray)

A touching yet tension filled anime movie anyone can enjoy.

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I’m already a sucker for dramatic and touching films, but make it an animated one, and I’m definitely watching it. The latest one to come my way is NIS America’s The Princess and the Pilot, which is just the kind of great movie I’d expect from anime powerhouses TMS Entertainment and Madhouse. Here you’ll find a great cast of characters, drama, romance, and even some tense action that make it a must see film for all.

Based on a novel written by Koroku Inumura with Jun Shishido making his directorial debut along with screenwriter Satoko Okudera, the story follows a soon-to-be princess named Juana del Moral (but goes by Fana) who needs to be flown to a neighboring country to become a full-fledged princess and bring peace to the nations at war. Private Charles Karino is chosen to fly her there thanks in part to his flying skills and must protect her at all costs. Naturally this is easier said than done as the two make their way there while fighting off enemies out to kill the princess, as well as overcoming each other and the special bond they develop on their journey.

To say I enjoyed this would be an understatement. You can tell a lot when into making this film when it was released back in 2011. The artwork and animation is great, especially when seen in high definition on this Blu-ray. The Japanese voice actors also do a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life and fit their roles perfectly. The music by Shiro Hamaguchi is also a nice touch and helps capture the drama, action, and touching moments of the film. There isn’t much in the way of special features here besides the original Japanese trailers and commercials for the movie, but the film itself runs a little over 90 minutes and should more than satisfy those who watch.

The Princess and the Pilot is another great anime film for those who love Studio Ghibli-like titles or just wonderfully made movies. A nice cast of characters, spot on voice acting, and touching music fuels the drama, the tense-filled action, and moving moments that everyone (and anyone) should fly to the nearest store to pick up and bring back to their hangar for all to enjoy.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell