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The Meg
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The Meg

Runs a little longer than it should, but a thrilling and fun shark ride nonetheless.

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Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is a classic that still holds up today as being one of the best thriller films ever made. There’s been numerous wannabe films from Deep Blue Sea, to the insane but fun ones such as the Sharknado franchise. The latest one to swim in the pool is The Meg starring the always cool Jason Statham. It feels like it runs on a bit too long at times, but it’s still a thrilling and fun movie to pull out the popcorn for.

Travis Seppala had a chance to see the theatrical run of this one, so feel free to check out his review for the plot details and his take on the movie while I go into this 4K release. Besides the pacing feeling a bit off and some of the corny/cliched portrayal of most of the characters, I thought this was a pretty neat film, even if Jason Statham is the coolest thing about it. Don’t get me wrong, the special effects were pretty good, and anytime the giant shark is attacking is always a chilling moment, but it’s Statham’s calm and cool charisma that holds the movie together in the end, and it makes all the more fun to watch him in action.

Speaking of the special effects, this 4K HDR release makes them look even better, as every particle in the sea, as well as every razor sharp tooth in the meg’s mouth come through clearly here. The audio side of things is just as detailed, as every crash, boom, and chomp roars through your sound system perfectly and keeps you guessing where the action is going to come from next.

I was surprised there wasn’t a lot of special features included here, but sometimes it’s good to be short and to the point. “Chomp On This: The Making Of The Meg” has director Jon Turteltaub going into how he wanted to make a monster movie and work with Jason Statham, as well as some of the other cast members chiming in on how it was filming a lot of the movie in or on the water, and such. “Creating The Beast” focuses on the giant shark and what went into making it terrifying, lastly there’s “New Zealand Film Commission” that’s a short piece featuring the cast and crew talking about how it was filming there.

If you’re looking for a decent but fun thriller movie to pull out the popcorn for, The Meg should swim nicely into your 4K Blu-ray player. It’s filled with odd pacing and action thriller cliches out the wazoo, but Jason Statham brings the awesome and makes this movie one to sink your shark teeth into.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell