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The Loud House: Season 1 Volume 2
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The Loud House: Season 1 Volume 2

Things get even louder and more zany for viewers in this release.

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Wow, it’s hard to believe it was already a year ago when I reviewed the debut DVD release of The Loud House. It was a pleasant surprise from out of nowhere that I really enjoyed and couldn’t wait to get more of. While series creator Chris Savino got fired from the show after some naughty things came to light (I won’t go into here, just web search him), it’s good to know this fun show will go on. This brings us to The Loud House: Season 1 Volume 2: It Gets Louder which gives us another thirteen episodes from the first season that will have you pumped and ready for the next one.

If you never heard of the show or didn’t catch my review of the previous release, the show centers on an eleven year-old Lincoln Loud, a young boy who is the middle child of ten sisters where all of them are always up to something crazy. Each episode follows these zany misadventures of Lincoln and his family, from Lincoln and his best friend Clyde watching over his baby sister Lily with disastrous results, to Lincoln getting his sister Lana to replace Lola in a beauty pageant after she gets hurt, there’s never a dull or quiet moment in this house.

I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but I so wish this was released on Blu-ray. Despite that, the picture and sound quality are still pretty good by DVD standards. As with a lot of the releases from Nickelodeon, there’s a lack of extras but it’s made up from the huge amount of episodes you’re getting on two discs here.

With the show getting picked for a fourth season and having a spin-off series titled Los Casagrandes in the works, it’s clear this show isn’t going anywhere. So you’ll want to grab The Loud House: Season 1 Volume 2: It Gets Louder as well as Volume 1 if you haven’t already, and have a loud and great time with this wacky family.

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