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The Legend of Korra Book Three: Change (Blu-ray)
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The Legend of Korra Book Three: Change (Blu-ray)

Korra and her friends return in quite possibly the show’s best season yet!

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Anyone following my previous reviews of The Legend of Korra already knows that I’m a huge fan of the show and the franchise itself – which includes The Last Airbender. So of course I had to watch and review the latest season or ‘Book” of the series in The Legend of Korra Book Three: Change Blu-ray set. All thirteen episodes are here in high-definition on two discs that are packed with plenty of bending action and drama that will keep those who watch glued to their screens.

Picking up not long after the second season, the events that happened during that time have somehow unlocked the power of airbending in chosen people all over the nation. So of course it falls on Korra the Avatar to gather these people and train them to use their new abilities. While that’s going on, four element bending villains lead by a man named Zaheer (voiced remarkably well by Henry Rollins of Black Flag fame) manage to escape their specially made prisons and team up with one goal in mind, to capture Korra and use her power as the Avatar for their own, mysterious reasons. Korra will need all the help she can get from her friends, old and new, as well as use all of her powers to bring back airbenders while also trying to save the world from Zaheer and other problems that arise along the way.

I’ll just say it, Book Three is easily the best season of Korra yet. You can tell the cast, crew and Nickelodeon really stepped up their game here and pushed things to another level. Besides the awesome bending action that’s used in all sorts of very creative ways (one female villain has no arms but uses waterbending to make up for them), there’s plenty of drama (carried over from the previous season while picking up momentum in this season) that tears away at Korra and her friends little by little, and surprisingly quite a few people die throughout these episodes, something that really shocked me (though in a very good way). Just how the crew manages to weave all of this action, drama and comedy together to near perfection is amazing and leaves me pumped up to watch the next Book, which I’ve learned is the final season of the series.

Viewing this on Blu-ray just makes things even better, as the high definition visuals and audio will make you feel as though your home is in the middle of the element bending action. Then there’s a few extras that can only be found on the Blu-ray version of Book Three, such as “The Spirit of an Episode” featurettes that give viewers some insight into how the series comes together, from the storyboard to the mixing the sound with the animation. There’s also audio commentaries on all thirteen episodes that feature various crew members sharing their thoughts and experiences working on the series.

The Legend of Korra Book Three: Change is hands down the best the series has to offer and is just one of the many reasons why everyone should give this show a chance if they haven’t already. Great stories, voice acting, action and drama rarely come together as well as it does here. And experiencing it in high definition with exclusive features found only on the Blu-ray release is yet just another reason for folks to bend this into their collection while hanging on for the next (and last) season to be released on home video.

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