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The Demon Girl Next Door: Complete Collection
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The Demon Girl Next Door: Complete Collection

A refreshing comedic spin on the magical girl genre that’s devilishly good.

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Most anime fans either grew up with or somehow came to know the “magical girl” genre through the famous Sailor Moon series, though its roots go back further than that beloved series. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen one that I’ve enjoyed, that is until Sentai Filmworks’ The Demon Girl Next Door: Complete Collection came my way. Fans of the genre will love the comedic spin while others will enjoy the laughs and feels that make for a hell of a good time.

After having a strange dream, a young girl named Yuko Yoshida wakes up to find out she’s grown horns and a tail. Yeah, her mom might’ve forgotten to tell her that their family has been cursed by the power of light to be demons and poor ones at that unless they can find and defeat a magical girl to break the spell.

Luckily there just happens to be one in the neighborhood named Momo Chiyoda, who always seems to be helping Yuko out even when they’re supposed to be sworn enemies. If that wasn’t enough, Momo is now attending Yuko’s school. Will Yuko ever be able to break the curse and finally have enough money for food?

That’s for you to find out as you make your way through this fun-filled series. As soon as I started watching, I loved Yuko and Momo immediately and the crazy situations they end up in. Apparently so goes Japan as a second season is already getting set to air soon and I can’t wait to see that as well. There’s just something special about the show that keeps you glued to your seat as you wonder about what crazy thing will happen to the girls next, all while having loads of laughs along the way.

Speaking of seeing, the high-definition power of Blu-ray makes this series stand out even more thanks to crystal clear visuals and audio that makes every episode a joy to watch. The special features are also pretty nice as the usual clean opening and closing titles are featured, but the greatest extras are the mini episodes which are fun little shorts that total to around twenty minutes that show off even more silly things Yoko and Momo get into.

Magical girl fans and lovers of comedic anime will get their fill in The Demon Girl Next Door: Complete Collection. Loveable characters, hilarious situations, and even some tender moments are sure to give viewers a devil of a good time and leave them longing for the second season that can’t come soon enough.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell