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The Adventures of Puss in Boots (Netflix)
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The Adventures of Puss in Boots (Netflix)

Dreamworks and Netflix have a near “purr-fect” hit on their hands with this fun spin-off series.

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I’ll be honest, after seeing the so-so animated series based off Dreamworks’ Turbo film, I was a bit skeptical about any of their future shows being any good, especially those pinged as Netflix Exclusives. Thankfully, I’m proven wrong (yet again) with their latest effort, The Adventures of Puss in Boots, based on our furry friend from the Shrek franchise. While the animation sports a rough draft look at first glance and is limited to just five episodes at the moment, it’s hands down one of the best Dreamworks series out there.

The plot follows Puss in Boots coming to a bandit-ridden town and saving the life of the cute and sweet Dulcinea, who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but makes up for it with her kind heart and words of wisdom from a book she religiously quotes from called “Compendium of Facts and Funne”. Knowing she’ll attract more bandits as she buys and takes some supplies back to her home, Puss in Boots follows her to a dead end in the desert, only to see her quote some magic words that opens a door to the hidden town of San Lorenzo. After following her inside, he learns that the town has been magically protected and hidden for hundreds of years, and that it’s filled with a nice amount of orphans that Dulcinea looks after. He also finds out that the magic spell hiding the town comes from a massive stockpile of treasure there, though he learns this the hard way after stealing a single coin from it which unveils the town, much to the bandit’s and thieves’ delight. Knowing he’s done wrong and with a little push of Dulcinea quoting “When a mess you’ve made at night, it’s your job to set it right!” from her book, Puss in Boots vows to stay in San Lorenzo and fight off those who seek it’s treasure until a way is found to restore the magic spell that hides the town.

I didn’t think this show would be as cool and fun as it is, and was more than happy to be proven wrong. The characters are fun and are sure to make fans smile (yes, even the cute little girl walking around with a finger in her nose most times). Even the action is pretty good, which shocked me (in a good way) with the amount of violence it had. Though they try to hide some of it with flashes of light instead of showing the impact of a punch or kick, which is something I’ve always loathed about most American-made animated shows. Voice actor Eric Bauza does a great job imitating Antonio Banderas as Puss, but I guess that comes as no surprise when I learned Andrea Romano of Warner Bros. Animation fame is the voice director and has an ear for casting the right voices for anything she works on.

While it did have a rough-around-the-edges look at first, due to it starting in a barren desert with little to no background scenery, all of that changed once it got past that and moved to San Lorenzo. I noticed that for the first time ever, Dreamworks also put a nice amount of detail on the characters, especially on their fur and clothing, two things their other series usually skimps on. The stories are also great, such as the second episode dealing with Puss in Boots accidentally giving the orphan children some candy that makes them hyperactive and will kill them unless he retrieves some magic hourglass sand from the Sphinx. When he arrives there, the Sphinx looks like a female cat with wings (which leads Puss in Boots to believe he can charm her) and tattoos and talks in a valley girl accent (aka O…M…G you are like…so dense or something). Without giving anything away, Puss in Boots makes an unlikely ally that helps him save the kids and decides to stay in town to help with the bandit problem.

The Adventures of Puss in Boots is a fun and great addition to the Netflix library and is sure to be a hit and entertain those who watch. Featuring a fun and well rounded cast of characters, great stories and some amazing (though sometimes edited) action, it’s easily the best series Dreamworks and Netflix have collaborated on and I can only hope they make future episodes that will be even more “purr-fect” than these.

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