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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Revenge (DVD)
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Revenge (DVD)

The third season comes to an amazing finish in this two-disc collection.

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It felt like the third season to Nickelodeon’s TMNT series had just started not long ago, but now it’s come to close in their latest release, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Revenge. This two-disc set includes the last twelve episodes of the season, along with some pretty rad special features and bonuses that make this one shell of a deal for fans and the collections.

In the last twelve episodes of the season, the turtles are still fighting off Shredder and his lackeys, while making mutant friends along the way. In “The Noxious Avenger”, a lowly trashman becomes a mutant superhero that hates the turtles for making him hideous, but soon befriends them. “Meet Mondo Gecko” has the guys making friends with a mutated skateboarder named Jason that Michelangelo dubs “Mondo Gecko” who is voiced by Robbie Rist, the original voice actor of Mikey in the live action TMNT films. It’s always fun when the series sneaks in cast members from previous turtle projects. Things take a comedic and serious turn in the episode “Turtles in Time” (not to be confused with the hit Konami game) and it’s follow-up “Tales of the Yokai”, that sees the gang teaming up with a time-travelling girl and having adventures in the past. These mishaps eventually lead the turtles to their Master Splinter and Shredder’s past in which they have to make sure turns out the right way, or risk never existing.

The finale doesn’t disappoint as it ends with the two-part “Annihilation: Earth”, which has Triceratops aliens coming to Earth and wanting to destroy it so the Kraang will be wiped out. Of course our turtle heroes aren’t about to let that happen, and it will take all of their friends, new and old to stop it. I had a blast as always watching this amazing series, as it never fails to bring the laughs and kick-butt ninja action the show is known for. While it seems to end all too soon, there are some pretty cool bonus features to keep you entertained until the next release. There’s more of the famous “Mutation of a Scene” extras for the episodes featured here, as they go into how certain scenes were made and then given life by the crew. The coolest extra on here is a look into season four of the show that gives you a taste of what’s to come. The only thing I thought was weird about this is that it’s placed of the first disc of the set instead of the second, which to me would’ve made more sense for viewers to watch after seeing the finale.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Revenge is a fun and fitting conclusion to the third season of TMNT that fans are sure to dig into faster than the turtles can eat a pizza. For those who haven’t experienced this awesome show, Nickelodeon is making it easy with their recently released First and Second season set that will get you into the series and have you set for this season. You’ll be doing yourself, your family and friends a favor by checking this series out, as it’s sure to have you yelling “Cowabunga” soon enough.

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