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Tanaka-Kun Is Always Listless: Complete Collection
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Tanaka-Kun Is Always Listless: Complete Collection

Another fun and funny series for those who enjoy comedy with their slice-of-life genre.

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The slice-of-life genre in anime is very popular, as most viewers can relate to the series and characters in them in some sort of way or another. I tend to enjoy them quite a bit myself, as with Sentai Filmworks’ Tanaka-Kun Is Always Listless: Complete Collection. If you like the genre and want some fun and funny comedy thrown in for good measure, you don’t want to be listless and miss out on this one.

The wacky series follows the extremely laid-back Tanaka-kun, a young man that’s so laid back, he tends to fall asleep on a dime. Most times in anime this would be some “loser” background character, but this is not the case for Tanaka-kun as his classmates and the show in general are always pushing him to the front of things. Of course he dislikes this as he’d rather be dozing off somewhere, but thanks to his best buddy Ohta who is as friendly as he is tall, he always gets where he needs to be as Ohta literally carries Tanaka-kun around. There’s some other cool characters that befriend him such as the beautiful Shiraishi who rather enjoys Tanaka being one of the only guys that’s not hooked on her looks, and the small but funny girl Miyano who tries to be an apprentice to Tanaka by learning his laid-back ways while also developing a crush on him. Whatever the case may be, from the girls bickering over him to basic school and life happenings, Tanaka-kun wants nothing to do with any of it and longs for a peaceful, blissful life.

These are the things that make this series a fun watch, as we all know Tanaka will barely get a moment’s rest from all the busy work that surrounds him. I’m pretty sure any that watch this show can relate to wanting to be left alone at times only to have everyone bug you when you don’t want to be bothered. That’s basically the gist of this twelve episode series, and it was great watching it on Blu-ray as everything looks and sounds great thanks to high definition visuals and being able to select English or Japanese dialogue. There’s also a few cool special features such as the standard opening and closing clean animations, a few Japanese Promo Videos, and lastly some Tanaka-kun shorts that are only English dubbed but still lots of fun.

If you like anime slice-of-life comedies and you’re looking for your next fix, please give Tanaka-Kun Is Always Listless: Complete Collection a chance. It has a nice blend of everyday life mixed in with some relatable comedic moments that’s a fun time for any that watch, and will do anything (and everything) but put you to sleep.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell