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Tamako Love Story (Blu-ray)
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Tamako Love Story (Blu-ray)

A fun and touching love story that romance lovers will fall for.

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If you’re like me and enjoy a good, mushy love story every now and then, you’ll want to take a look at Sentai Filmworks’ Tamako Love Story. While it’s a sequel to the 2013 anime series Tamako Market, it stands on its own enough to make for a beautiful, touching romance film that viewers will find themselves falling head over heels for.

Picking up a little while after the end of the anime series, Tamako and her friends have made it to high school and begin to focus on what they will do once they graduate. Tamako herself is getting along just fine working at her family’s store, while her childhood neighbor and friend Mochizo is looking to move to Tokyo and enter film school. Before he sets off though, he tries to summon the courage to tell Tamako how he feels about her, but with her also feeling the same way and being quite shy to boot, it’s going to take some work for these lovebirds to come together.

I found this to be a sweet, touching story that always knows how to build up the feels for all who watch. It was both fun and frustrating at times watching Tamako and Mochizo try and fail to confess their feelings and such. But this is the game of love, and this anime film captures every aspect of it perfectly. Those who pick up this Blu-ray will be glad to see this tale unfold in high definition, as the high production value of being a film shines here with stunning artwork, animation, and sound that only high def can do justice. There’s also a few special features to take a look at such as clean opening and closing animations, a Japanese promotional video for the movie, and a nice little short called Dera-chan of the Southern Islands that gives the popular talking bird character from the series a much welcomed extra.

Tamako Love Story is a fun and sometimes frustrating (though in a good way) love story that anyone who enjoys a good romance will fall in love with. Throw in some nice production on the artwork, animation, and sound, along with some nifty special features, and you have a Blu-ray you’ll love to own in your collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell