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Tada Never Falls in Love: Complete Collection
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Tada Never Falls in Love: Complete Collection

A thoughtful romance anime series that everyone can enjoy.

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Every now and then I like to kick back with a slower paced anime series to break up all of the monotony of giant mechas and scantily-clad women fighting to save the world from monsters and/or aliens, etc. The latest slice-of-life romance show to come my way is the Tada Never Falls in Love: Complete Collection from Sentai Filmworks. If you’re into thoughtful romance shows, you’ll want to focus on this snapshot of feels.

The story follows a young man named Mitsuyoshi Tada and his love for taking pictures, especially cherry blossoms in full bloom. He has never known what it means to fall in love with someone and doesn’t give it much thought, until he comes across a lovely lady named Teresa Wagner, a transfer student from Europe that’s a little lost in Japan.

After finding out she got separated from her best friend Alec (her full name being Alexandra), Mitsuyoshi brings Teresa back to the coffee shop that his grandfather owns and works there with his sister. After a fun mishap of getting Alec and Teresa back together, it isn’t long before we find out Teresa is attending Mitsuyoshi’s school and is in the same class. From here the stage is set as Mitsuyoshi and Teresa find themselves becoming closer as they navigate through life, school, and these new feelings they have for each other.

A true slice-of-life series, this is a slow burner for sure, but I found myself really getting into it the more I watched. It was fun watching the characters go about their days filled with both good and bad things going on, while also learning more about their past (especially Mitsuyoshi and why he’s into photography so much).

The visuals and sounds are top notch thanks to the high definition Blu-ray release, and I’m glad to say there’s a cool bonus in the form of an OVA episode along with the standard special features of clean opening and closing animations.

I had a good time with the Tada Never Falls in Love: Complete Collection, and I’m sure anyone who enjoys a solid, thoughtful and slightly humorous romance series will do the same. Interesting characters and their day-to-day lives come together nicely for a show that captures a nice snapshot of life and love.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell