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Sunny Day
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Sunny Day

Nick Jr’s latest series brings good times and great hair days for all.

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As with a lot of these children’s shows, I didn’t hear too much about Sunny Day until some of my younger family members had mentioned it earlier in the year. Not long after that, Nickelodeon had informed me that it was making its debut on DVD soon, and here we are with the Sunny Day DVD. Featuring four episodes of the hit show, this release brings fun times and good hair days for all that watch.

Loosely based on the The Fairytale Hairdresser picture book series by Abie Longstaff and illustrated by Lauren Beard, Sunny Day follows the adventures of a ten year-old hairdresser named Sunny that runs her salon with the help of her friends. These friends consist of a hair colourist named Rox, her receptionist named Blair, and her talking dog named Doodle. Sunny and her buddies are always ready to tackle any challenges and adventures that come their way, while making sure bad hair days are a thing of the past.

Like most of the Nick Jr shows, this series tends to focus on topics parents and their children face as they grow, such as self-expression, leadership, innovative thinking and teamwork. There’s also fun and original songs made for each episode as well, which makes sure things always end on a good note (pun intended). The episodes kick off with “Friendship Day” where Doodle thinks Sunny forgot all about him when the town celebrates Friendship Day. So he leaves to look for a new friend, but ends up having an adventure with the neighborhood dogcatcher named Scratch. “Sunny and the Princesses” has Sunny and her friends helping Princess Anabella teach her sister Dominica the importance of trying new things when she refuses to do so.

“Stick With Me” has Rox and Blair getting stuck together with a super-strong hairspray, and it falls on Sunny to help them not panic and use teamwork to get loose. Lastly in “If Timmy Gives You Apples”, one of Sunny’s friends named Timmy keeps delivering apples to the salon which is nice at first but gets a little out of hand when he does it every chance he gets. It’s up to Sunny to find a nice way to get him to stop before the salon turns into a fruit market.

Watching this with some of my younger cousins, I thought it was a fun and cool show as did they. The episodes and the messages they contain about problem solving, friendship, and being creative are a nice touch. For a DVD release, the picture and sound quality were pretty good, and while there isn’t any special features per se, each episode does have a cool live-action segment called “Style Files” in which parents and their kids can learn how to create some of the hairstyles featured in the show.

The Sunny Days DVD is another great release for kids and their parents to watch together, as its themes on creativity, friendship, and problem solving are always fun to watch and learn. Toss is some catchy original songs for each episode along with the live-action Style Flies segments that teach viewers various hairstyles they can learn to do, and you got sunny fun time for all that watch.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell