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Steven Universe: Heart of the Crystal Gems
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Steven Universe: Heart of the Crystal Gems

A well done collection of some of the best episodes the series has to offer.

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While I didn’t get into the series until later on during its run, I quickly became a fan of Steven Universe once I sat down and gave it a chance. It’s one of the best shows Cartoon Network has since Adventure Time came about (which comes as no surprise seeing that show creator Rebecca Sugar helped with that series as well). Now another collection of episodes from some of the latest seasons comes home in the Steven Universe: Heart of the Crystal Gems DVD. Packed with over two hours of crystal gems goodness, this DVD is a must have for fans of the show.

One thing that’s always bugged me (and other fans I’m sure) about this show is that it never explained what was really going on with the crystal gems background. Like what really lead them to leave their world, why there’s so many different gems, and such. Finally after all this time we get some light shed on these mysteries and more throughout these episodes collected here.

I liked how Cartoon Network included not one, but two 22 minute long special episodes here, like “Bismuth” that has Steven pulling a new crystal gem out of Lion’s mane named Bismuth and also learns she was one of the original Crystal Gems. I’m always a sucker for seeing Steven and his best friend (might as well say girlfriend) Connie together, and “Mindful Education” focuses on the two of them training hard in order to become better when they combine into Stevonnie.

There’s a few other episodes in between those and the best ones yet on the DVD that make up a sweet story arc that finally goes deep into Steven’s mom’s background, and we get to learn a lot about the war that drove the gems into disarray at long last. Lastly this disc has a perfect ending episode with the second 22 minute one titled “Reunited”. This one is a touching story which has Steven getting everyone together for a special wedding between two characters you don’t want to miss out on. To say anymore about the episodes on here would ruin the awesome surprises they contain, and trust me, they’re some big ones.

I can never get enough of Steven Universe, and this DVD contains some of the best episodes of the show yet. I just find it awesome how Cartoon Network is able to craft these amazing shows that are accessible to kids but are really made for teens and adults. While the DVD looks and sounds great for the medium it’s on, I really wish they’d release season sets on Blu-ray (pretty please CN).

Fans and those wanting to take the plunge into some gem goodness will want to go on an adventure to pick up the Steven Universe: Heart of the Crystal Gems DVD. It’s a good time to be had by all that watch, and is sure to satisfy fans and make new ones out of any newcomers.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell