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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions (Blu-ray)
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions (Blu-ray)

The Clone Wars goes out with a bang in this collection of the final thirteen episodes.

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While it did have a rocky start with the feature film and even the first season, Star Wars: The Clone Wars certainly grew into something special before it was canceled. As a fan I’ve watched it grow and mature as it went on, slowly becoming one of the greatest TV shows ever. Everything from the action, the storytelling, to even the surprising amount of violence kept me in love with the show to very end. And while I really do wish they would’ve ended it with a proper 22 episode season that would’ve given the show some closure, this Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions Blu-ray collects the final 13 episodes that does the best with what it has, and does a pretty great job doing so.

As with the entire series, these last episodes are broken up into story arcs, as four of them focus on the Sith covering up their involvement with the infamous Order 66 plan, another four that has Padme’s ex-boyfriend Rush Clovis in a bad situation that requires both her and Anakin’s help, a fun two-parter that has Jar Jar Binks and Mace Windu teaming up for a mission, and finally the last four focusing on Yoda’s quest to go deeper into the force as Qui-Gon Jinn did.

These story arcs serve up the best aspects of the series, which is great action and gripping science-fiction drama that will keep any viewer hooked. While most may frown upon the Jar-Jar and Mace team up episodes, I thought they were just as great as any  of the show. The last four involving Yoda and his journey into the Force were some of the most dark and violent of the entire series, as there were times where I didn’t know how Yoda was going to come out of it alive (fighting / getting the living crap beat out of him from his dark side comes to mind), despite knowing already that he does.

Thanks to this being presented on Blu-ray, the high-definition serves to make the ending of the this incredible series even more so, thanks to all the vivid detail to both the artwork and animation that nearly leaps off the screen. The audio is just as powerful, as every piece of grand dialogue and music, blaster fire and lightsaber strike comes in perfectly clear. The extras are a little on the light side (pun intended) but what’s here will surely excite fans for the show.

First there’s a never before seen sixteen-minute documentary that covers all six seasons of the show. It was nice seeing some of the crew showing what they wanted for the series and how it measured up overall. The next extra is the biggest one of all. So big as a matter of fact, that it is only on the Blu-ray version the The Lost Missions. There’s four additional episode animatics that were shown on the official Star Wars website earlier in the year. The four story reels give viewers a rough draft of a story arc focusing on Obi-wan and Anakin trying to stop a weapon smuggling operation. While I wish they were completed episodes, these four bonus episodes are still a nice treat to watch.

The series was cancelled prematurely, but the Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions Blu-ray does more than it’s share to make up for it. It’s everything fans of the show could want, just in a smaller package. Featuring some amazing high definition audio and visuals, and some pretty sweet Blu-ray only extras, you’ll want to fly to your local space station and pick this one up. The Force is strong with these last thirteen episodes, indeed.

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