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Star Trek: Beyond (4K Blu-ray)
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Star Trek: Beyond (4K Blu-ray)

An action-packed thrill ride for fans of both the old and new takes of the franchise.

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Most people who have seen the new Star Trek films have mixed feelings about them, especially if they’re fans of the classic series and movies. I’m happy to say I’ve been on board with the new take of the franchise ever since the lens flare filled first entry by J.J. Abrams and his follow up. Now the series goes into a new direction under Fast and Furious director Justin Lin who breathes even more action-packed life into the films in this 4K UHD release of Star Trek Beyond. With a beautiful high definition transfer that showcase the amazing special effects and the adventures our favorite space travelers go on, this release is sure to get your warp engines fired up and ready to boldly go along for the ride.

Seeing that fellow editor Chris Pandolfi has a review of the theatrical release of the movie, I’ll just give my take on it and discuss the special features of the disc. While I understand that the new film may not appeal to some, I actually found it pretty enjoyable. As with the previous entries, I felt like I was meeting up with old friends and going on another adventure with them. Everything from the action to the special effects was on point and had me hooked to the screen until the movie was over. Speaking of which, this feature looks absolutely amazing in 4K UHD, as every detail and color just pops off the screen as you watch. The audio is equally impressive, as every sound effect booms through perfectly and will make you want to invest in a good sound system if you don’t have one already.

When you’re finishing beaming back aboard from this adventure, there’s quite a few special features you’ll want to scan through. “Beyond the Darkness” goes into the production of the film, casting the new characters featured in this entry, as well as how some of the main set pieces came to be. “Enterprise Takedown” is a short but fun extra that has the cast and crew discussing the scene where the beloved ship is destroyed. “To Live Long and Prosper” is a cool look at how the cast and crew talk about 50 years of the Trek universe and what it means to them. “For Leonard and Anton” is a touching tribute to the lives of Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin who both passed away before the film’s release. There’s also a slew of behind the scenes extras and a gag reel that brings the laughs of what happened between some of takes while filming.

Even if you’re not a fan of the franchise and just looking for a cool, action-packed sci-fi adventure, you can’t go wrong with Star Trek Beyond, especially if you’re looking for a great disc for your 4K UHD Blu-ray player. There’s plenty of fun and adventure to be had here for anyone who gives it a chance, and will have you setting your starship to warp speed to beam up a copy.

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