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Squid Girl Seasons One and Two: Complete Collection
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Squid Girl Seasons One and Two: Complete Collection

A cute anime series that pulls viewers into some underwater fun.

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When watching anime, it helps to mix up various types to check out as it keeps things interesting. Between action or darker subject matter shows, I find it refreshing when a cute/innocent one comes along, such as Squid Girl Seasons One and Two: Complete Collection from Sentai Filmworks. This is a cutesy and fun show that anyone and everyone should let take them away to some beachside adventures.

Fed up with mankind polluting the ocean, Squid Girl takes it upon herself to rise from the depths and punish humans for all of the harm they’ve caused. Summoning all of her rage and power, she manages to summon a huge Tsunami that will wipe mankind out for sure….until we learn it’s a small one and only turns out to slightly mess up a beachside restaurant in the process. You see, it turns out Squid Girl is too small and cute to do any real damage, and to make matters worse for her, the Aizawa sisters who run the place she messed up force her to work there to pay off the damages. From using her ink to make squid ink spaghetti, to eventually becoming friends with the sisters and other locals and going on small adventures, there’s never a dull moment in the life of Squid Girl as she takes being a fish out of water to new levels.

The show is one of those cute and enjoyable ones that make watching anime a treat. I found myself constantly chuckling at Squid Girl and the Aizawa sisters as they go from comedic bickering to becoming friends and going on adventures around the beach and town. Another thing that helps make this series work is it’s short length, as three mini-episodes fit into the space of a standard 22 minute one. Thanks to this, things are usually short, fun, and to the point while keeping viewers engaged. With this being a Blu-ray release, the visuals and audio come through nicely in high definition. Also with the series being so short, there’s plenty of space for the ton of extra features such as clean opening and closing animations, Original Japanese Promo videos, some Mini Squid Girl Short Stories, three bonus OVA episodes and more.

If you’re looking for some cute anime fun, then Squid Girl Seasons One and Two: Complete Collection is the set for you. An often funny and touching fish-out-of-water series is made better thanks to short episodes that keep the comedy fresh and interesting all the way through. So go on and take a dive into this one, and get swept away by the waves of fun.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell