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Space Runaway Ideon: Complete Collection
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Space Runaway Ideon: Complete Collection

Those who enjoy classic anime shows will want to runaway with this one.

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When I was a kid, giant robot anime shows were the greatest things ever. From Gigantor, to Tranzor Z (aka Mazinger Z), to of course Robotech (Macross) and Voltron (Go Lion), these shows were all over the place. So when the opportunity came along to review an old anime series from the creator of Gundam, I had to see what Space Runaway Ideon: Complete Collection was all about. Maiden Japan has outdone themselves with this release, as it contains the entire series and two movies in one of the best old-school collections on the market.

Created and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino in 1980, right after he changed the world forever with Mobile Suit Gundam in the 70’s, this series takes place on a planet called Solo where archaeologists from Earth have traveled there. They happen to dig up some strange vehicles that also have the power to combine into a giant robot called Ideon, and the planet’s natives want this power for their own dark purposes.

The show then follows a young kid named Cosmo Yuki, his friends, a soldier named Bes who becomes the leader of this group, along with some the archaeologists and others trying to make their way back to Earth. But the native enemy is always on their tail, and even the power of Ideon might not be enough for all of them to make it back home.

As with all of the classic anime shows I’ve seen such as Macross and the older Gundam series, I highly enjoyed this one as it reminded me how good some of the old-school series are. There’s a little something for everyone, as it has drama, comedy, and enough action to keep you binge watching through the 30-plus episodes of goodness.

Being an older show, Maiden Japan did a good job with the Blu-ray transfer of the anime as everything looks and sounds as good as it can. As if the show wasn’t cool enough, they’ve also included both films that serve as the finale of the story with “Contact” being the first followed by the second titled “Be Invoked”. There’s also some original Japanese promotional videos you can check out once you’re done.

If you’re a fan of classic anime and giant robots, you’ll want to go exploring with Space Runaway Ideon: Complete Collection. It’s a prime example of what made anime so popular back then and what it strives to do in the present.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell