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Predictable and clichéd to be sure, but also a furry fun time for the whole family.

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It is amazing how many CG animated films are released every year, with most people (especially parents) being a bit on edge as most of them tend to be cringe-worthy, bargain bin, cash grabs. Thankfully Smallfoot isn’t one of them, though it does have plenty of predictable moments that most families will see through right away. But they’ll also see the cool cast bringing these furry friends to life that’s sure to make you dive feet first into the fun.

Our own Annette Palmer enjoyed this one at the movies, and you can take a look at her review for the plot details and her take on it while I just jump into mine and the extra included here. Like Annette, I had a good time overall despite knowing how things were going to turn out after only a few minutes into the movie. The cast does a great job here, and you can tell everyone involved had a good time voicing and singing for the characters as it comes through in every scene.

I also loved the art style of the film, as it feels like they were going for the classic Rankin/Bass animated holiday shorts we’ve all grown up with (it’s clear they based Migo off Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster from the 1964 Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer special). This look along with the audio come through nicely in high-definition on this Blu-ray transfer, as families will enjoy every strand of fur and every fun song that plays.

There’s also a few special features to go over once the credits roll, starting with the “Yeti Set Go Sing-Along” that you can activate before you watch the movie (though you’ll probably want to come back to it after you’ve seen the film first) that brings up sing-along lyrics for the songs in the movie. My favorite extras on these animated flicks are the shorts they always boast about on the front cover, and “Super Soozie” is a fun one the features the yeti toddler Soozie being adorable and having her own small adventure.

“Migo in The Secret of the Yeti Stones” is a short made from storyboard sketches, “Yeti or Not, Here They Come! Imagining Smallfoot” is a nice and short behind the scenes look of the movie that features interviews with the cast and crew discussing the making of it and more. Lastly there’s some music videos of a few of the songs from the film, and some theatrical promos such as a “turn off your cell phone” one that’s pretty funny and a few others to round out the extras.

Smallfoot is a fun if predictable ride that families will still find themselves getting lost in, thanks in part to a great cast, cool visuals, and of course catchy songs (their take on David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” had me sold). If this sounds like a fur-filled fun time to you, then grab a copy from your local retailer on top of a snow covered mountain, and get ready to sing and dance with this one.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell