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Show By Rock: Season One (Blu-ray)
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Show By Rock: Season One (Blu-ray)

A music-filled anime fun fest for those who love cute girls and catchy tunes.

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When I was sent Show By Rock: Season One from Funimation, I had no idea it was based off a popular mobile music game in Japan. That would certainly explain a lot of the wild but cool characters and situations this anime goes into throughout the twelve episodes featured here. If you’re a fan of anime series such as K-On, you’ll want to give this series a strum and see if it sounds good to you.

The plot follows Cyan Hijirikawa, who is a cute but shy first-year high school student that loves music with a passion. So much so, she’s always playing a rhythm game on her smartphone when nothing is going on. One day she’s receives an item on there called “Strawberry Heart” which pulls her into the game, dresses her like a cat girl, and places her in a world called Midi City where you can control anything through the power of music. When some sort of monster begins to attack the city, Strawberry Heart comes alive and transforms into a guitar for Cyan to play some music to defeat the monster. Once this happens, she finds her place in this new musical world as she ends up joining with some other musicians in the game to form a band and work to be the best group ever. But with competition from other bands along with dark forces attacking the city, she’ll have her hands full while also trying to find a way back to the real world.

While it is filled with plenty of anime stereotypes and tropes, I had a good time watching this series. The girls are cute, the music is catchy most of the time, and it’s just overall fun for those who like all of those things coming together in an anime series. Thanks to the power of Blu-ray, all of the colorful details of the visuals and rocking audio come through nice and clear. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also plenty of special features to rock out to once the curtain goes down. There’s episode audio commentaries, textless opening and closing scenes, and loads of promo videos and TV commercials for when the series aired and when it came to Blu-ray and DVD.

Those looking for a good time with anime along with some catchy music will want to take Show By Rock: Season One for a spin. These cute girls bring the noise with their awesome tunes and fun-loving spirit that’s sure to be a classic hit with any who attend this concert.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell