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Shimmer and Shine: Friendship Divine (DVD)
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Shimmer and Shine: Friendship Divine (DVD)

The genies are back for more fun times and adventure for all.

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Looks like Shimmer, Shine and their best friend Leah are back once again to bring smiles and adventure to children and their families with another DVD collection of their hit show. This third and latest one, Shimmer and Shine: Friendship Divine, features eight episodes that teach kids some cool lessons in overcoming problems with teamwork, and how the power of friendship can conquer all kinds of obstacles when you put your mind to it.

From coming across mermaids to meeting new friends, these girls make the perfect team for solving problems and having fun as they go on one adventure after another in Zahramay Falls. “Mermaid Mayhem” for example has Shimmer, Shine and Leah transforming into mermaids for some underwater exploring where they meet a real mermaid named Nila. Things don’t go exactly as planned with the genies and their magic, leaving the girls stuck in their mermaid forms until they find out a magic gem can change them back. But it’s not that simple as they’ll have to find a way to get past a sea monster that’s guarding it. For those who remember or grew up with the classic show “I Dream of Genie”, you should’ve seen this coming a mile away with this series guest-starring Barbara Eden in the episode “The Crystal Queen”. Here she plays Empress Caliana, a genie empress and mentor to genie princess Samira, When the girls’ rival Zeta the Sorceress traps Samira in a magic cave, it’s up to Shimmer, Shine and Leah to help Caliana save her. There’s plenty more fun to be had in the other episodes, as Zeta continues to make trouble for our heroes and how the girls always think of a way to overcome her.

It was nice to watch these episodes with some of my younger cousins as they love all of the Nick Jr. shows out there. For it to be on DVD, the show looks and sounds really good for the format as every detail, color, and cheerful tune comes through nicely. While it lack any special features outside of two bonus episodes, the hour and a half of entertainment here is more than enough to keep kids (and maybe even some older people) glued to the screen.

Shimmer and Shine: Friendship Divine is a cute and fun way for parents to spend time with the kids or just let the children have a great time with it. It would’ve been nice to have some more extras, but there’s more than enough genie magic and excitement here than you can shake a magic lamp at.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell