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Shimmer and Shine (DVD)
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Shimmer and Shine (DVD)

Nick Jr’s latest grants the wishes of kids and their parents for another hit series.

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Every year, it seems like Nickelodeon and their Nick Jr brand for kids gets better and brighter with each new show that comes along. Their latest series, Shimmer and Shine, that follows two young genies in training and the many adventures they get into, is no exception. Now they have seven episodes of their show on the appropriately titled Shimmer and Shine DVD, which will most certainly grant the wishes of kids and their families for a fun, learning show they will all love.

The show follows the adventures of twin sisters who are also genies in training named Shimmer and Shine. They happen to be at the service of a young girl named Leah who always seems to need some sort of magical help for the problems her and her friends come across. Shimmer and Shine do their best to help by granting Leah three wishes a day, but most times they end up making the problem a tab more problematic. Such as in the episode “Ahoy, Genies!” where Leah collects a bucket full of things she picked up on the beach and loses it in the ocean. She summons Shimmer and Shine to help get it back, but the two end up turning things into a real life treasure hunt, complete with a map, pirates and more.

“What a Pig Mess” has Leah’s pigs in a blanket platter getting accidentally ran over by her friend Zac’s battery-operated car. Leah wishes Shimmer and Shine to make more food for her, but instead they make real pigs wrapped in blankets they’ll have to find and catch before they cause trouble for the town. If that wasn’t enough, there’s five more misadventures such as “Dino Might!” where Leah asks the genies to wish up a replacement dinosaur toy for Zac after he loses it and end up with a real dinosaur instead. Needless to say, I thought the show and the episodes here were entertaining. It was nice to see how Leah, her friends and the genies would solve the problems that came up after the three wishes, and without the aid of magic. There’s a good sense of teamwork and problem solving the series teaches kids while also keeping things fun and interesting.

As with all of their previous releases, Nickelodeon has done a great job with the audio and visuals, as both come in great on this DVD. While the disc may lack any special features, it has nearly three hours of genie wishing magic, which should be more than enough to keep children happy and busy. And that’s exactly what the Shimmer and Shine DVD will do for kids and their parents, as there’s plenty of problem solving magic here for all to enjoy.

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