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Seven Worlds, One Planet
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Seven Worlds, One Planet

Not even the climate change undertones can take away from this breathtaking look at the world around us.

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I have to admit that it’s been a few years since the last time I sat down with a great nature documentary, and I’ve never had the pleasure of owning any on top of that. Thankfully our friends at the BBC have fixed both of those things with their latest and greatest one titled Seven Worlds, One Planet. While the environmental preaching can be a small issue, this is still by far one of the best ones you’ll ever see both figuratively and literally thanks to 4K visuals and audio that take you across the globe.

Even at 93 going on 94, the great Sir David Attenborough lends his epic voice to narrating this masterpiece that takes viewers around the world and shows off what makes our seven continents and their distinct climates so unique and special. From the people, to the animals, to the local life and especially the beautiful scenery and wildlife, these seven, hour-long episodes capture the majestic beauty and sometimes terrifying power our world contains.

Viewers get to see just how hot and beautiful places such as Africa and South America are, as well as some of the more colder places in the arctic and everywhere else around the world. Chances are if you can name a place, they have it covered and then some in this epic series. If there’s any downside to be had, there is a fair bit of climate change talk sprinkled throughout the show. For every amazing fact or beautiful look presented, there’s a bit of preaching going on about how we’re destroying the environment and these majestic places. This is understood to be sure, but it would’ve been nice to have had a pure, positive experience all the way through.

Thanks to the awesomeness of 4K HDR, this is one of those sets that truly showcases the power of the medium, as everything looks and sounds absolutely amazing as ultra high-definition visuals and Dolby Atmos audio place you directly into all of these countries. This is easily a perfect benchmark series to show people who aren’t sold on 4K HDR yet, or if you want to show off your home theater setup.

As jammed packed as these discs are, there’s still a few special features such as “Highs and Lows of Wildlife Filmmaking” that covers just that, another fun one about diving below Antarctic ice, and a beautiful one called “Fireflies – Behind the Scenes in an Enchanted Forest” is just breathtaking. If you love nature documentaries and want to either witness or show off the power of 4K, Seven Worlds, One Planet is as close to perfect as it gets for an in and out of this world experience.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell