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Senryu Girl: Complete Collection
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Senryu Girl: Complete Collection

A touching and laid back series that everyone will want to read their way through.

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Who doesn’t like a good, relaxing slice-of-life anime show? They’re usually pretty chill and fun thanks to normal people doing normal things like working, going to school, etc while showing us a day in the lives of them. Sentai Filmworks publishes a lot of titles like these and their latest is Senryu Girl: Complete Collection. Featuring an interesting premise and some tender moments, this is one poetic show you’ll want to read up on.

Nanako Yukishiro is a cute, friendly teenager attending Karai High School, but she can’t speak. So she uses seventeen-syllable poems called senryuu to communicate her words and feelings to others. Then we have another teen named Eiji Busujima that used to be a typical delinquent in his middle school years, but has now found a passion for writing senryuu. So of course it’s only natural that these two would end up in the school’s literature club, and thanks to the president of the club putting the two of them together, it doesn’t take long for the two to write up some of the most powerful and deep poems out there.

Slowly but surely a relationship begins to form between the two as they write and share their love of poetry with others and each other. With their friends in tow, the series follows these lovebirds and the trials and tribulations that come with life, writing poems, being in a relationship, Eiji’s resting scowl face and more that will hook you and keep you watching.

Well that’s what it did for me, but I’m pretty sure anyone who gives this one a chance will be glued to their seat until the end. I couldn’t stop watching these characters as it was so touching how the two came from opposite sides but yet share a love for writing and each other that’s too cool to resist. Thanks to the Blu-ray release, everything looks and sounds great, and there’s some light special features with clean opening and closing animations.

If you’re looking to escape from the typical action-packed anime fare and want something a little bit more earthy and laid back, you can’t go wrong with Senryu Girl: Complete Collection. An interesting premise, cool characters, and heart-warming stories are what you’ll find here for a poetically good time.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell