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Sekirei: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
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Sekirei: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

A predictable but fun harem anime where busty fanservice ladies duke it out.

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The harem genre in anime is something that’s been around for quite some time, and is a tried and true form of comedy if handled correctly. Any fan of anime has undoubtedly seen their share of good and bad harem shows throughout their viewing, and the latest I’ve seen from Funimation, the Sekirei: The Complete Series set, falls somewhere in between. It’s packed with stuff you’ve seen many times before, but it’s the often times silly cast and action that make it worth watching.

The set that was sent to me is the recent re-release of the complete series under Funimation’s Anime Classics label that includes all twenty-five episodes from both seasons along with the two OVA’s. These episodes kick off with a young man named Minato, who has zero luck with the ladies and has failed twice getting into Tokyo University. Just when it seems like things are at their worse, a busty alien girl named Musubi falls on him (with his face buried in her chest of course) who is part of a bigger group of alien ladies who need the right person to unlock their powers as they fight each other. A clandestine organization known as the MBI is the one forcing these ladies to battle as they promise them an ultimate prize, and of course they tend to lose most of their clothing during these fights (which comes as no surprise seeing that people behind the Ikki Tousen anime are behind this one). It just happens Minato is the one who can unlock Musubi’s powers and two team up to fight the other ladies while making new friends and enemies in the process.

Despite the zany plot and constant fanservice, I enjoyed watching this series play out. It reminded me of a perverted version of Pokemon where instead of cute, cuddly creatures fighting against each other, they’re replaced with scantily clad, big-chested ladies. They also share element types that have to be used correctly against another type in order to defeat them. So watching Minato help Musubi and the other women he comes across to win their fights was pretty cool. I also liked watching this action in high definition, as the artwork and animation looks and moves great, especially during the fights. The audio comes in nicely as both the English and Japanese dubs do a great job making the characters fun and interesting. As far as special features go, there’s actor commentaries on select episodes and the two bonus OVA’s from both seasons that add some extra fun to cap off the series.

Even if you’ve seen a lot of this before (and trust me, you have), as long as you enjoy harem themed anime, you’ll want to take a look at Sekirei: The Complete Series. While the fanservice can get a bit crazy, the show makes up for it with some well done action that will keep you watching Minato and his busty friends through to the end.

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