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Scooby’s reinvention may not be for all fans, but this planned animated big screen adaptation delivers.

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While I’m not the most die-hard Scooby-Doo fan out there, it’s always had a spot in my heart as one of the many cornerstone cartoons of my childhood. It was only a matter of time before an animated film would come to the theaters (though sadly didn’t make it due to current events), and Scoob! is the result. It won’t be for everyone, but if you enjoy nods and Easter eggs to Hanna-Barbera shows and fun animated films, you’ll want to grab some Scooby Snacks and join in this mystery solving adventure.

Our own Ethan Brehm had a good enough time with this movie, and you can check out his review for all of the plot details and his take on the fun while I dive into mine and the special features of the home video release. After hearing how a lot of people didn’t care for this film, I was a bit skeptical. Thankfully it turned out that I enjoyed it as I loved all of the Easter eggs and homages sprinkled throughout the movie, as well as the fun and mushy moments.

Perhaps it’s because I’m easily amused, but I also got a kick out of the sarcastic quips, lines, and references to the 60’s cartoon series. A perfect example is one scene where the gang is looking for Scooby and Shaggy at a bowling alley, and the young lady working there says something along the lines of “Yeah there was a guy here who kept saying ‘Like’ all the time, as though some middle-aged people thought that’s how young people talk.” that made me chuckle more than I thought I would.

Our friends at Warner Brothers were kind enough to send me the 4K UHD Blu-ray with HDR that looks and sounds absolutely amazing. The visual details and colors are crisp and pop off the screen nicely, and the Dolby HD audio assures you hear every crazy piece of dialog and chase scene perfectly. There’s also some small but cool special features to go over once the mystery is solved.

First there’s some pretty silly bloopers to laugh at that might be the best part of this disc. There’s also ten deleted scenes presented by director Tony Cervone that show off animatics of parts that didn’t make the cut. “How To Draw Scooby-Doo” has the director showing off how to do just that, “New Friends, Newer Villains” has Tony coming back again and going over making a Hanna-Barbara cinematic universe much like the Marvel one with other crew discussing the characters. Lastly there’s “Puppies!!” that’s a short and cute clip of the cast holding and playing with puppies.

Scoob! may not be the best Scooby-Doo project out there, but it delivers nicely with a fun mystery, some action/adventure, loads of comedy, and of course mushy moments that families will enjoy. The 4K UHD release makes it even more enjoyable thanks to super crisp and colorful visuals, crystal clear audio, and some nice special features to ensure viewers will want to see this goofy mystery through to the end.

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