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Saturday Night Fever: Director’s Cut (Blu-ray)
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Saturday Night Fever: Director’s Cut (Blu-ray)

The 70’s epic that defined a generation is back and groovier than ever.

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As a kid, I used to see the 70’s epic, Saturday Night Fever, all over the place on cable, standard TV channels, and more. It’s hard to believe it’s been forty years since it was released, and now fans and those new to the film can see it the way it was meant to be seen in a high definition vision from the director with the Saturday Night Fever: Director’s Cut Blu-ray. Featuring a 4K remaster to look as good as it possibly can on a standard 1080p disc, and some groovy special features, this release is sure to make you put on some bell bottom pants and strut your stuff on the disco dance floor.

This tale follows the life of a young man named Tony Manero (John Travolta in quite possibly his biggest and most remembered role) who lives in Brooklyn with a deeply religious Italian family. When he’s not working at a local paint shop, he’s out with his buddies at the nightclub, Odyssey 2001, where he becomes the hottest thing there with his awesome dance moves and good looks that make the ladies go crazy for him. While he loves being the disco king that gets all the ladies, between the same old thing there and having a boring life selling paint cans, things quickly grow stagnant for our young protagonist. Things finally make a change when he comes across a lovely lady named Stephanie (Karen Lynn-Gorney) who is a dancer that’s quite educated and sophisticated, which is the complete opposite of Tony who is as rough as the streets he grew up on. But as they say, opposites attract, and so begins Tony’s first attempt at making a real romance work, which proves to be difficult as he’s used to every lady doing whatever he wants. Add in some gang wars, family drama, and one of the best soundtracks to any movie ever, and you have a classic for the ages.

This film is as enjoyable and moving as it was back in the 70’s, and doesn’t lose any of its disco dance step over the past four decades. All of the actors play their roles perfectly as though they were made for them, and the Bee Gees steal the movie with their amazing soundtrack that clearly inspired tons of films after it, namely the recent Guardians of the Galaxy films. To top things off, thanks to the 4K remaster, the movie looks and sounds even better than when it was released. So much so, that people who grew up watching it will think it’s a new film. They would be right, seeing that this release offers a new director’s cut that adds in a few minutes of new footage that makes the story have an even greater impact, but you can also watch the original 1977 release on this disc as well.

Once the disco lights are off and the mirror ball stops spinning, you can go through the special features starting with audio commentary by director John Badham as he gives insight on how he came to helm the film along with interesting stories on how it was filmed and such. There’s also the usual extras like behind the scenes footage, a segment that teaches viewers some of the dance moves performed by John Travolta in the movie, some deleted scenes and more that round out the extras.

Fans of the original and those who enjoy a good drama-romance will want to strap on some platform shoes and hit the dance floor with the Saturday Night Fever: Director’s Cut Blu-ray. A great film made even better with its stunning remaster, a more intense director’s cut, and a nice amount of special features make this a release you’ll want to dance the night away with.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell